How to do Vampire Makeup for Halloween

How to do Vampire Makeup for Halloween


Vampire inspired Halloween makeup. Vampires will never be forgotten on Halloween and this will give a perfect look to the women who wants to become a Halloween vampire. Mostly black and red color combination is used which will give a good sameness to blood and veins running through the blood in a scary way.

How to do Vampire Makeup for Halloween

How to do Vampire Makeup for Halloween

Halloween vampire makeup will consist mainly of three colors: black, white and red. With the touch of some blue or purple spots on the face to give a look of perfect vampire. Halloween vampire costumes are designed according to the need of the women and as the situation demands these days. Halloween vampires are famous and are high demand among the fashion industry and it also fetches the hidden talent of the makeup artists. Makeup artists have made the women beautiful by highlighting her beauty. Women love to explore the luxurious look with her designer attires, perfect makeup, and accessories which boost the gorgeousness of the women.

There are many costumes designed which will give a Halloween look and women will get inspire to this. Young generation is running towards the new technique of makeup tricks.

The face is one of the striking object which everyone notices first. It should be designed in such a manner that it enhances the features of the face.

Gather the products

  • Buy fake blood and fake fangs from a costume shop
  • Look for foundation that will make your skin appear pale
  • Decide if you are going to do detailed makeup or keep your makeup simple

Applying the makeup

  • Start with a very pale foundation or white face paint
  • Use a press powder to set the foundation or paint
  • Apply heavy black and silver brow liner and dark black eye shadow so as to appear a look of vampire. Silver shadow on the lids will give a sexy look of the vampire.
  • Use black eye liner and mascara
  • Apply Lip makeup and they should look bloodstained. Color your lips with wild red lipstick and look more pretty. Sparkle the fragrance of your beauty and get the signature of delicate, feminine designs from the shades of wild colors.
  • Insert white contact lenses
  • Finish your look with fake fangs and fake blood

A blood should be applied in such a manner that it seems like woman has drunk the blood and she should give a look of the blood thirsty look of the vampire.

Easy Halloween Makeup which can be followed in the home without spending much and a woman can enjoy the look of Halloween. It will show the creative side of makeup artist which can be done with the available resources. Some of the ideas are as follows-

  • Creepy Barbie Doll
  • Bloody Mary
  • Stretch and sewn lips
  • Blingy Lips
  • Here, Kitty Kitty
  • Meow, part deux
  • Sexy and scary vampire
  • Zombies Everywhere

These are some highlighted ideas which are designed for today’s energetic and innovative generation.


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