How Long Does a Yeast Infection Last?

Vagina Yeast Infection - How Long Does a Yeast Infection Last?


An infection that has taken place because of the development of yeast is known as the yeast infection. Yeast is a fungus and thus yeast infections can be named as the fungus infections. This may occur to the female vagina as these fungus prefer to live in small numbers in this part of the female body while may also occur to the others because of an infection due to the spread of this fungus. The reason may be any but the people who are infected with this infection always stay doubtful about one thing and this is that for how long this infection is going to last which may be explained as follows:-

Vagina Yeast Infection - How Long Does a Yeast Infection Last?

Vagina Yeast Infection

1. From One Day to One Week Depending On the Treatment:-

If we talk in general, a yeast infection may take from one day to one week depending on how much the infection has spread and how much the curative measures that you have applied on the same are proving to be successful in bringing about the treatment of it.

2. Depends on the Length of Treatment:-

The length of period of a yeast infection also depends on the factors like length of the treatment as well. If you are going for the herbal or aayurvedic approaches, this may take somewhat more time than the chemical approaches but still proves to be a more effective way.

3. Depends on How Powerful the Medicine You Have been provided with:-

It also depends on how powerful the medicine you have been provided with. In case the treatment is not proven successful, you can ask your doctor about the azole medicine that is taken orally as it proves to be an effective approach against the fungal infections.

4. Even Bathing In Neem Tree Water Can Make You Some Benefits:-

Neem tree leaves and the juice out of its bark has been found to be rich in anti fungal properties and thus if you choose to take bath daily in water treated with neem leaves and apply the juice out of its bark daily on the affected area of skin, this might relieve you against fungal infections even earlier.

5. Ask Your Doctor If The Infection Persists More Than A Week:-

If the infection still persists, you may also choose to go for having a meet with your doctor and ask him if the infection persists more than a period of seven days as generally a yeast infections does not lasts more then this period of time.

6. Take Extreme Case about the Medicine Course:-

The problem about some people is that they never complete the course of one medicine but move towards the other approaches in the mid of the course of one medicine. This might prove to take your side at risk and thus you should always complete the course of medicines that you have been recommended with.


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