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7 Amazing Uses of Onions in Treating Diseases

Amazing Uses of Onions in Treating Diseases


Onion is a vegetable that is commonly used for making vegetable salad. It is a bulbous product of onion plant which is one of the most cultivated species of the genus Allium. This vegetable is packed with a number of health benefits for humans. It is also bought in use for making sauce or pickles and serves to be an ideal ingredient while oil or butter frying any vegetable based dish. Actually, onion is hub of a number of health benefits and it serves to be an ideal ingredient in the treatment of many diseases which otherwise are a threat to mankind. Some of these can be explained as follows:-

Amazing Uses of Onions in Treating Diseases

7 Amazing Uses of Onions in Treating Diseases

1. A Hub of Photochemical:-

Onion is a hub of photochemical which help to improve the working of Vitamin-C in the human body. When you are chopping an onion, tears come out of the eyes and people say that these tears are good for eyes. In many studies based on cancer treatment with home remedies, Onion as well as other members of its family like garlic etc. have shown good results.

2. Treatment of Blood Sugar:-

People who suffer from diabetes get good news here. Onion is rich in the content of Chromium which proves to act as an ideal ingredient in regulating blood sugar and in-turn reducing your risk to the disease of diabetes. The patient of this disease, otherwise has to depend on costly injections of insulin hormone which makes him physically unable to survive without them.

3. Reduces inflammation and heals infections:-

It has been scientifically proven that onion has properties to cure infections in it. If you are suffering from any kind of inflammation in the body, just drink onion juice and your problem will get resolved. If you are suffering from stomach pain, just eat an onion or squeeze its juice and drink it up. The stomach pain will get vanished within just a few minutes.

5. Antibiotic, antimicrobial and Antiseptic Properties:-

Onion is a hub of anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and antiseptic properties. When you get wounded and no other option is available, just sprinkle some onion juice on it. The wound won’t ever experience any kind of infection or septic. You can directly apply it on places with bacterial infections to get relieved against them.

6. Rich in content of Potassium, Sulphur and Fibers:-

Onion is rich in the content of Potassium and is low in the content of Sodium. This combination is an ideal combination for the treatment of blood pressure problem. Onion is rather rich in the content of Sulphur and Fiber which is essential for the cure of many similar disorders like digestive problems etc.

7. Low in content of Fat and Cholesterol:-

If we look at the content chart of an onion, it will be found low in fats and cholesterol. Well let me tell you that fats are harmful for humans and cholesterol is enough to make their heart weak. In order to safeguard you from ailments related with fat and heart diseases, onion thus proves to be a better choice for all.


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