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How to Use Hard Drive as a Pen Drive

How to Use Hard Drive as A Pen Drive


Suppose if you have an old hard drive kept spare with yourself, it is of no use for you as you can’t use it within the system, but if you start using it as an external hard drive, It will help you in many ways. This happens with many of us. Often when we are planning for an upgrade of a personal computer or laptop, its old hard drives goes useless, but if we plan to bring it in use as a pen drive it can serve to be of a great purpose for us. If the hard disk is a working one, you can easily bring it in use as a pen drive following these simple tips:-

How to Use Hard Drive as A Pen Drive

How to Use Hard Drive as a Pen Drive

1. The Hard Disk Should Be Free From Bad Setters:-

First of all, your hard disk should be free from all types of flaws including bad sectors. If you have bad setters in your hard disk, you will first need to set them by connecting the hard disk to another computer first. Once the bad setters get perfected, you can easily use the hard drive as a pen drive.

2. Get the Perfect Connector:-

A hard disk is connected to any other computer via means of cables. There is a specific connector for each kind of hard disk and each kind of cable. Generally the cable of the hard disk is connected from one side to the mother board and from the other side to hard disk but in case you wish to use a hard drive as pen drive, you should use connectors to make connections with hard disk and USB ports.

3. Converter for Connector:-

In some of the cases, you may also require a converter for the connector as well. These converters are easily available in big tech markets like that of NSP (Delhi). You can also find external hard drives in such markets, which are ready to use as a pen drive.

4. Remove the Brackets and Screws:-

In some cases where you try to use the old hard disk in place of a pen drive, you may require to remove the brackets and screws. You can also consult some good I.T professional to inquire about the right kind of connector and converter for using harddisk as a pen drive.

5. Use It with the Port:-

With SATA hard disks, there is a USB kind of port that can be bought in use to connect the hard disk externally. You will have to use a USB cable for attaching the hard drive with your PC or laptop and thus it is better if you keep it ready in advance.

6. Hard Disk connected:-

Once the connection gets made and computer/laptop gets switched on, windows will show up the file explorer depending on what you had stored in that disk. If the hard disk was a formatted one, you can treat it as an external hard drive with connectors attached to it making it able to be bought in use as a pen drive.


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