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5 Tips on How to Use Female Condom Correctly

How to Use Female Condom


Female condoms can be regarded as the rubber sheath that a women inserts in her vagina during a sexual intercourse as a barrier to the semen from a male penis in order to avoid pregnancy and enjoy the sexual intercourse at its best without even getting pregnant. Not just the risk of pregnancy only, but a female condom prevents a women from the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and infections as well and thus here in this article we have come with some tips for you to use it in a better way following some tips that I am mentioning.

5 Tips on How to Use Female Condom Correctly - HowFlux

How to Use Female Condom Correctly

1. Lubrication of A Female Condom:-

Much of the female condoms come equipped with an anti sperm spermicidal formula or come pre lubricated from the company only but, if you are using some non lubricated condom for yourself, you can choose to go for water or some anti sperm spermicidal gel to do so, just put it on outside of the closed end and you are sorted.

2. After Lubrication:-

After lubrication, you just need to go to the toilet and get in a comfortable position in which you get able to insert it in your vaginal area like that you do with tampons. You can even choose to put one leg on the toilet seat and another on the floor in order to put it in a comfortable way.

3. Inserting Method:-

After you have got into the inserting position, You simply need to press the sides of the inner ring of the condom together at the closed end of it and insert it into your vaginal hole using your finger in a proper way. The main motive is to insert the inner ring in your vagina as long as its length keeping a few centimetres of it out of your private part. You can now go for a sexual intercourse but remember to follow every sort of care written on the condom pack from company’s side in a way that some condom material are not comfortable in certain conditions and that you will come to know reading the instructions written on the pack.

4. Ejecting A Female Condom:-

The main job of this female condom is to keep the ejaculated semen from a male held in it and prevent it from fertilising the female eggs avoiding any infection or pregnancy. You will need to take utmost care while removing it in order to avail its proper benefit and thus you can choose to press and twist its outer ring keeping the semen inside the pouch pulling it up in a gentle way and then throw it in the dustbin or dig a deep hole into the mud and bury it somewhere.

5. Condom Tips For Women:-

There are certain types of condoms available in markets these days and the material of each type may differ with the other. You can choose to go for reading the user reviews and instructions written on the label before going for a sexual intercourse in a way to avoid any malfunctioning of this rubber sheath. You are advised to take utmost care while removing it from your vaginal area avoiding any contact of semen with your vaginal area for added precautions.


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