How to Use Eyelash Curler for Beginners

How to Use Eyelash Curler


An eyelash curler is a device that is used to make eye lashes curled. Eye lashes refers to the upper hairy part of the eyes which may even be positioned artificially or you may even make your original eye lashes get curled with this approach. This technique makes your eyes lashes look even longer, fuller and even thicker using tools made of metal that have got clamps. The eyelash curler is such a device only and in case you feel doubtful how to make use of it, the tips that we are mentioning here are sure to benefit you.

How to Use Eyelash Curler for Beginners

How to Use Eyelash Curler for Beginners

1. Choose Only A High Quality Curler:-

First of all, we will advise you to have a good quality eyelash curler chosen for yourself and this should not be the local and cheap plastic curlers available in the stores these days, but instead make a one time investment with metal curler and purchase the one of a specific good brand only.

2. Holding the Eyelash Curler:-

Know the perfect way to hold an eyelash curler. Simply hold it up to the eye. It might feel cold to you at first but then you would get used to it after using it few times. Open the eyelash clamps and then put the eye lash in between the clamps of this curler. Press it to make the eye lashes curled and you would get sorted.

3. Spare the Skin:-

Try entering as much lashes as you can within one go in the clamps of the eyelash curler but don’t forget to spare the skin. The skin should not get pressed in between and thus should be left spared. The skin if gets pressed would cause a pinching effect and thus you should spare it from this all.

4. Close the Clamp and Have a Hold:-

While having the hold of the eye lashes you are advised to close the clamp first and then press the clamps to shape it up. If possible you should take the help of some other member of the family so as to avoid any sort of injury to the skin associated with this area.

5. Curl in Sections:-

Try curling while dividing the eye lashes in sections. This would get your eye lashes have a beautified and modified look. You may also choose to go for the same using artificial eye lashes as well. Simply make them curled and become the spot of the spotlight.

6. Press in A Proper Way:-

If you press the eye lashes in much tight manner, the eyelash hair might get damaged as well. In order to have a harmony with this process, the press should be kept gentle and if possible should be perfectly monitored while going for it for the first time.


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