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How to Use Dubsmash Application

How to Use Dubsmash application


Dubsmash is a video messaging application that enables you to sync an audio downloaded from the website with a video that they themselves have recorded. Lip syncing refers to the art of moving your lips with the words in a song in such a way that it looks like you are singing it. This application was created by Jonas Drüppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik. On this website the users can upload their own audio and can add color filters as well as text animations to their recordings. In short Dubsmash is a boom for editing your home made videos and in order to use it in a better way, here we are mentioning some tips that are sure to benefit you.

How to Use Dubsmash application

How to Use Dubsmash Application

1. Go to the Website:-

In order to start using Dubsmash, first of all you will need to reach the Dubsmash website which is  and after you have opened the website in your device, you can choose your favorite sound on Dubsmash and then you man make a click on the suitable option that you wish to go for. In the Record screen, dub yourself over the sound and then mix it with the video.

2. Simply Record and Share:-

Using Dubsmash is like simply record and share. The first attempt may prove to be a bit time taking but you would become an expert after two-three more attempts. Simply finish recording and share the dubbed file with your friends by selecting a sound on Dubsmash website. Browse through the Dubsmash soundboard categories and choose the most relevant sound from all the available ones. Simply find a sound and then dub it making moves with your lips.

3. Try, try and get habitual:-

It is just like try, try and get habitual. Once you become a user and make one dubbed file, you would have an urge to go for more dubbed works. The procedures is just like choosing a sound that best satisfies you and when you get satisfied with the chosen sound, just click on it to start Dubbing with filters and text specified by you to be added along with the videos.

4. Sharing the Videos Created:-

The last step includes you to have the file created using Dubsmash to be shared with your friends and you may even share it over various social networking accounts if you have them. The links can be shared with anyone that you wish to send the video and you can enjoy your dubbed works and videos along with your friends like this.


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