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How to Upload and Share Files on Google Drive

How to Share Files on Google Drive


Google drive can be regarded as a file storage and synchronizing service provided by Google to us that enables us to store the files in the cloud, share them and edit the documents, make the spreadsheets and presentations in it. The files kept in this drive can be accessed anywhere on any system or gadget with the help of internet and a Google email I.D and the files can be shared as well. In this article we have come with a way by which you can share the stored files on this drive with other users by following some simple and easy steps that I am mentioning here.

How to Upload and Share Files on Google Drive

How to Upload and Share Files on Google Drive

1. Procedure of Sharing:-

The procedure of sharing a file on Google drive follows a simple approach that involves the selection of a file or a folder to be sent and then making the requisite settings with it. You can give receiver the access to view, edit, or comment a file shared or you can share it directly with them in Google Drive.
You can go for the link sending option as well.

2. Making A Share:-

Now in order to make a share of your file on Google drive, You will simply need to Open the Google Drive and select the file or folder that you want to share. You will then need to open the sharing box where you will have the file open and you can click on the share gear provided at the top right corner of it. You can even choose to select the name of file in the list provided and then click the share icon that is provided at the top of drive;.

3. Entering the receiver details:-

Now in order to send this file to the receiver, You will need to type the email addresses or Google plus groups of people whom you want to share this file with and then You can go for the further approaches. You can set up the mode of share as well as the conditions that the receiver will have to agree with in order to open that file.

4. Mode of Sharing A File:-

You can choose to share the file directly in Google groups or you can manage to go for a referral link that the receiver will get in his Gmail inbox and clicking on that link, the receiver will be able to access the file.

5. Making The Boundations:-

You can even choose to set up a boundation for the receiver to access the file. You can make the file enabled for the receiver to be edited and shared with other users or you can simply make it available to be viewed and comment able but not to be shared with others. The choice is always yours about the privacy that you want to go with.

6. After Sharing:-

Now when you have made all the requisite procedures, You can choose to click the “Done” button and the users will get an email on their Gmail I.D which will give them the referral link for the file that you have shared with them.


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