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How to Manually Update Google Play Service

How to Manually Update Google Play Service


Google play service is a platform by Google Inc. company in the form of an application which comes pre-installed in most of the Android devices and we can access any of the products and services offered by Google using this application. After a certain period of time, every application in a device needs to be updated in order to avail the services associated with it and the same is the case with Google play services as well. In order to update Google play services in your device, you can follow these simple tips:-

How to Manually Update Google Play Service

How to Manually Update Google Play Service

1. Log-In With Gmail Account:-

  • In order to get an access for updating any application or downloading it, you should first have a Gmail ID logged into your device.
  • For this purpose you will have to find the settings application on your device. You will find it in the last of your device’s application menu when you click the home icon.
  • Find application settings and click add account option, click Google. The options to create a new account or to open an existing account will get displayed on your computer screen.
  • Choose “Use a pre-existing account” if you already have a Gmail account to open it within the device or click “Create New Account” option if you do not have a Gmail account. The account will get created once you enter the desired username, password, alternate Email ID, captcha code and other such specifications and your device will get synchronized with Gmail.

2. Switch Play Store on Auto-Update Mode:-

  • Now click the PlayStore icon in your application list. The Play Store application gets opened this way.
  • Reach the settings of this application and click auto-update option by selecting the check box provided with it.
  • Set data usage option as Wi-Fi or cellular data depending on your data availability and data usage. All the applications should start getting updated automatically making these simple changes to your device’s settings.

3. Update The Application By Reaching Its Name On Play Store:-

  • You can also update the application manually by writing its name on Play Store. Simply open Play store application and enter “Google Play Services” in its search field. As you already have this application on your device, there will be two options displayed on screen with this application out of which one will allow you to update the application and the other will allow you to open the application.
  • Click the update button in order to update the Google Play services application. The new version of the application gets downloaded and the previous version thus gets updated.


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