How to Unlock a Activation Locked iPhone

How to Unlock Activation Lock iPhone


iPhone serves to be a name enough phone these days from the brand Apple. Apple is itself a name enough company and thus its products serve to be the best for all. The iPhone devices come locked with iCloud and in order to make the most out of them, a user may feel a need to unlock the activation lock of your iPhone as it makes your phone more than just a phone. In order to unlock activation lock in your iPhone, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here: –

How to Unlock a Activation Locked iPhone

How to Unlock a Activation Locked iPhone

1. Get an Unlock Activation Lock Tool Downloaded:-

There are various versions of the unlock activation code application tools available over internet based websites and thus you may choose to download one such application first of all and then the further approach can be executed. There should be no confusion about the application and you would just need to type “Unlock activation lock tool” in the Google search field that will direct you to the best suitable location to download such app.

2. Use It to Unlock the Activation Code:-

Now you have to run the same application that you had downloaded earlier from Google search engine results and once the application gets run, you have to bring it in use to unlock the activation code. The application would require some time for the package to take over your computer and then the execution can be made.

3. Enter the IMEI and Enter the Apple Database:-

Now the application would ask you for the IMEI number of your phone. Simply type *#06# in the dialing pad of your mobile and then IMEI number would get displayed on the screen. You have to copy this number with a pen on a blank piece of paper keeping it ready to be entered when the system asks for the IMEI and then you have to enter the apple database.

4. Beware Of the Scam Software:-

You might find some scam softwares over the internet as this world is full of people who seek to fake you with links that befool you for scam software. You should download only from a verified or genuine website and the ones which are virus protected.

5. Download the Official iCloud Unlocker Service:-

Now afterwards if the software you have downloaded does not work, you just need to download the official Icloud unlock service and once you download it, you can bring it in use for unlocking the Icloud in your system and it is sure to work for you.

6. Take The Help Of A Professional If Needed:-

In case both the approaches fail to be of any use, the last option left with you is to go for taking professional help in order to get this done as else to go for multiple attempts with scam softwares may even kill the life of your gadget.


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