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6 Unique Ideas to Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party

How to Plan a Bachelor Party


Bachelor’s party is a party held for a man shortly before he enters marriage, to celebrate his “last night of freedom”. A bachelor party is usually planned by the best friend of the groom or even some other friend to celebrate the last night of the groom’s freedom. These parties involve almost everything that a groom would not be able to do after marriage. Girls are called for dance and guys really enjoy the party in true senses. The party remains a memory for lifetime and thus here we have come with some tips for you to celebrate it in a better way.

6 Unique Ideas to Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party

Unique Ideas to Plan the Ultimate Bachelor Party

1. Wine and Champagne:-

Wine and champagne is the first need of a bachelor’s party. Call some good wine and champagne supplier and ask it to send some boxes of champagne and wine including vodka, beer and alcohol, etc. along with some sexy waitresses to serve it the full night to serve liquor from these bottles to the guests.

2. Dance:-

Dance is another common and essential need for a bachelor’s party. Call some local D.J and ask him to organise a dance floor where all the friends can dance together. Call some dancer girls to perform some item song as well. You just need to make the environment enough to leave a life-long memory to your friend who is just about to enter marriage.

3. Stripping Girls:-

You can also choose to go for the stripping girls or the topless waitresses or any sort of female company that you like to have. The main motive is to provide all those things to the groom that he won’t be able to do the rest of his life after marriage as the epitome of final good bye to him. Stripping girls can be most commonly seen in the bachelor’s parties of western side.

4. Food:-

Obviously when you for a party, awesome food is an essential thing. You should make the food arrangements according to your area and the food you like. Food can be arranged on the base of the guests that you are calling in your party. You can make the decorations on the base of themes or you may give a look that depicts bachelorhood.

5. Leg Pulling of Groom:-

Obviously, when you are planning a bachelor’s party for your friend who is going to marry, you will try to pull his leg for sure and you can do this by reminding him what he is going to loose entering in married life. Obviously he is not going to quit marriage and that will be a great fun watching that shine come on his face.

6. Gifts and Greetings:-

The rest is just gifts and greetings. You can choose to go for the gifts and greetings for the groom or you may even seek to go for the good bye gifts for the guests as well. Keep everything according to the budget and remember to have the cab service available for all the night in advance to see off the friends that get too much drunk.


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