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How To Manually Uninstall and Reinstall Outlook Express

How To Manually Remove And Reinstall Outlook Express


Outlook Express is a discontinued Email and news client which comes bundled with several versions of Microsoft Windows. Outlook was superseded by Windows Mail and then by Windows live mail as separate software. Outlook express is an application different from Microsoft Outlook. There is no common code base shared by both the applications. If you wish to uninstall and then re-install this software, the best option available with you will be to uninstall it manually. In order to manually remove and then re-install this software, the following tips can be bought into use:-

How To Manually Uninstall and Reinstall Outlook Express

How To Manually Uninstall and Reinstall Outlook Express

1. Click Start and Reach Control Panel:-

On the bottom left portion of your screen, there will be a windows sign representing the start menu. You can easily locate control panel from this menu clicking the “All Programs” option and then selecting the option for control panel or you can directly enter the name of control panel in search field provided within the same menu as well.

2. Double Click “Add and Remove Programs” Option:-

Now when you reach the control panel, there will be an option with heading “Add or Remove Programs”. You have to double click the same option in order to make changes with any application installed in your device. Just click its name and you will get option for uninstalling the particular software.

3.  Scroll Down To Find the Name of Outlook Express:-

Within the same list of programs that gets displayed in front of you over the screen after clicking “Add or Remove Programs” option, somewhere there will be the name of “Outlook Express”. Just scroll down and locate this name to make a click over it.

4. Click the Name and You Will Get a Window on Screen:-

When you find Outlook Express in this list of names, you can click its name to uninstall the software. Once you click Outlook Express, you will get a window displayed on the screen asking if you wish to go for a manual uninstall or a normal uninstall.

5. Select Manual Uninstall:-

From both the options displayed in front of you over screen, you have to choose an option for manual uninstall. You should never forget to take a backup of your application and files related with it before beginning the uninstall process so that they may be available whenever you need them again.

6. Click Ok:-

Once you successfully finish the uninstall, you can click the ok button and close control panel. Put the computer on restart mode if needed. Don’t’ forget to delete the unnecessary outlook files from your drive.  Also delete the Outlook Express registry keys and then you can go for a re-install of your outlook software from either the backup application or you can download it from an internet website with backup file available with it.


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