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How to Unclog a Stuffy Nose Fast

how to unclog a stuffy nose fast


A stuffy nose is the one which keeps on running all the time. This term “stuffy” has been used before the name of such health condition as in this condition, it looks like you have kept some liquid stuffed in your nose which is flowing like anything while coming out.  Your nose keeps running and dripping in such a condition. People often laugh at you during this condition and you have to keep a handkerchief with yourself all the time. It keeps troubling you even if you try to squeeze up your nose to get rid of it as nothing comes out when you wish to remove it, but as soon as you sit back on your seat, the same problem persists. In order to get rid of stuffy nose problem, you can use bring these tips in use:-

how to unclog a stuffy nose fast

How to Unclog a Stuffy Nose Fast

1. First of All Take Vapors:-

There is a vaporizing gel available on each and every medical store for cheap prices which is known as Vicks vaporub gel. You will get a box of this gel for as low as ten to thirty rupees. Just bring it, heat some water and add this gel to it in order to take the vapors while sitting in front of that bucket of water. You will soon get relieved against stuffy nose problem.

2. Use a Saline Spray of Humidifier:-

A saline spray is a nasal spray which can be bought in use to liquefy the secretions that you are experiencing with your nose.  Once they get liquefied, you can easily get rid of them. A humidifier is brought into use to add moisture to the air that you breathe in. This prevents the dryness and prevents irritation. Both these approaches prove to be an ideal approach against the treatment of stuffy nose problem and thus we advise you to bring these in use.

3. Don’t Take Capsules/Pills Till It Persists For Much Time:-

Some people get pills at a very initial stage when they experience stuffy nose problem. This prevents this problem for such time, but then it occurs again. I will advise you to first try out the vaporizing approach and if this problem still does not gets cured, you can also take the medicines then.

4. OTG Decongestants:-

An OTG Decongestant is a pharmaceutical product or medicine, which can be bought in use to relieve nasal congestion in the upper respiratory tract. Such products can be easily purchased from any medical store at reasonable prices. You can also bring one such decongestant spray/gel for yourself to get treated against this problem.

5. Warm Compress or Warm Bath:-

I talked with a nasal treatment professional yesterday and he recommended warm compress or warm water bath to be the best option against any kind of stuffiness of nose which you experience because of weather change. He also advised to drink tea added with cinnamon, basil leaf and ginger in such a condition. He also acclaimed that most of such health problems occur because of change of weather and thus we should take care about it from the very starting of weather change or when the arrival of new season is expected.


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