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Typhoid Fever or Enteric Fever, Prevention and Diagnosis

What Is Typhoid Fever Or Enteric Fever


Typhoid fever or simply typhoid, being a common bacterial disease that puts at risk every nook and corner of the world. Typhoid is generally a result of intake of contaminated food or water by an individual, this contaminated food generally contains the bacterium salmonella enterica subsp. Enterica, serovar typhoid that becomes the main culprit to this disease.Besides gastric fever and typhoid fever this fever is also termed as enteric fever or infantile remittent fever or slow fever or nervous fever and pythogenic fever depending upon the variations and the place.

Typhoid Fever or Enteric Fever, Prevention and Diagnosis

Typhoid Fever or Enteric Fever, Prevention and Diagnosis


the diagnosis of typhoid is simply made by any blood or bone-marrow or stool culture from the body of the individual done with the widal test which is a time-taking process and generally when the diagnosis is made, it gets to far to go for an antibiotic regimen.Typhoid is basically a result of contamination by the bacteria and hence a proper care should be made before drinking water of any place or eating any stuff.

This disease is most common in generally all countries as contamination can be found any-where.So to prevent this disease one needs to improve his sanitary conditions and hygiene.


typhoid never affects animals and hence the infection of this disease remains from person to person.Proper sanitation and proper hygiene are the steps that can be taken to prevent typhoid from happening to an individual .Typhoid spreads where an individual’s urine or his feces can come in contact with an other individual’s food or water. Food should be made carefully and hands should be washed properly before intake of food to stop this disease from spreading.

Vaccination for typhoid:-

there are two licensed vaccines approved for the prevention of this disease namely the live, oral ty21a vaccine and the injectable typhoid polysaccharide vaccine, both of them being able to protect the travelers or visitors to the areas where typhoid is much prevalent. This vaccines are about fifty to eighty percent protective against the disease and help an individual to survive in an area where typhoid is an endemic disease.

Though the vaccines are associated with side effects, so it is advised to go for prevention of this disease rather than cure. A balanced diet is a solution to thousands of your health problems. Check the water before drinking it and take a proper diet in order to be typhoid free.


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