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How do TV Serials Producers Earn Money

How TV Serials Earn Money


The programs featured on Television which are also sometimes referred by the term “Daily soap” are called TV serials. It is a producer who owns the idea of a program, the actors work in it, the script writer writes the script and the show earns T.R.P. This TRP decides a lot about how much the TV serial is going to earn. There are many ways in which a TV serial earns money. The actors of a TV serial get paid in advance. It is the financers and producers who have to wait for the show to become a hit in order to recover their money back and to earn something more from it. The exact way in which TV serials earn money can be explained as follows:-

How do TV Serials Producers Earn Money

How do TV Serials Producers Earn Money

1. The SMS That You Send Them:-

When you are watching reality shows or dance shows, the contestants are shown on screen asking you to vote for them by sending SMS messages. These SMS are often related to a special private telecom services provider say Airtel, DOCOMO, Vodafone etc. These are comparatively charged more than other, normally sent SMS say 4 to 5 rupees and even more. These SMS that you send in order to vote for your favorite contestants proves to be a way of earning for these TV serial owners.

2. Licensing and Format Fees:-

Suppose of a producer creates a series; he will get a fee amount on the name of “Format fees” for the rights to produce a TV serial in each nation where the program is being locally produced. The producer thus makes money on the name of this format fees as well.

3. Getting paid By a Channel:-

A producer will just produce the serial. The telecast of that serial is made by a channel owner company. When a particular channel wishes to telecast a particular program on their channel, they meet a producer and pay them in order to make contact for the telecast of the program on their channel. This fee is charged again if some other channel wishes to telecast the program again in the future.

4. Getting paid By the YouTube Videos/Internet Televisions:-

The YouTube partners of a particular channel also pay them in order to use their videos as most of these videos are copyright protected. When you use a particular copyright protected video on YouTube or any other website, they ask you for the proof document in order to adjudge that the video belongs to you. In order to get this documental proof, you have to meet the producer and pay him his share of earnings.

5. Product Placements and Marketing:-

The producer of a serial also uses product placement and marketing techniques while shooting for his serial in order to earn more. Marketing for someone else fetches you an additional income. A producer also charges a sum of amount from brand promoters in order to use product of their brand in his or her TV serial. This includes the products of apparels, designer clothes, ornaments etc.


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