How to Turn on Windows Defender Manually

How To On Windows Defender


The Microsoft Anti-spyware or the windows defender is an application that saves your computer from the intruders who seek to spy on what you are trying to do over your device. These are the group of people that try to intrude the system with the help of malwares and spywares sent to you that if downloaded can leak your private and confidential data to the intruder and he or she would not even have to physically travel to you in order to steal your information. In case you feel like there is a threat of being spied upon, you may choose to switch it on following the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Turn on Windows Defender Manually

How To Turn on Windows Defender Manually

1. Open and run the software:-

First of all, you may try to search for the windows defender application simply by entering the start menu. Simply click the Start button and then in search box type Defender, and then from the results that the computer shows you, simply make a click on the windows defender option.

2. Search for it in the control panel if you do not find it:-

In case you are doubtful if you have got windows defender within your system or you are searching for it in vain, simply reach the control panel and then look for it in the applications install/ uninstall wizard. Simply tap the turn on option and then the defender would be switched on.

3. Setting the Program with Administrator:-

Simply reach the tools and then click the options. The administrator settings can be changed like this. Simply set it as the default application with the administrator so as to go for having the anti spyware approach is brought into use with the window defender.

4. Turning on the spy protection:-

The spy protection can be switched on or off clicking the action center icon in the taskbar notifications area. Simply turn on the spyware protection and then turn on the defending facilities of the software and it will start functioning to keep defending your system against the intruders in complete senses.

6. Further changes can be made dealing with the application settings:-

Make sure to set it as your default application reaching the control panel and in case you wish to make some further changes, you may reach the application settings in order to do so. Simply reach the application settings and there the various check boxes can be selected or made unselected so as to start or stop any of the services that the application provides you with. In case there is some similar software installed that is preventing the windows defender from functioning, reach the control panel and uninstall it so as to have the perfect defending system be switched on for your system’s security.


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