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How to Trust your Girlfriend with Guy Friends

How to Trust a Girl with Guy Friends


A girl’s character is the first priority while we try finding a girlfriend or wife for ourselves. Once we find that a girl is involved with too many boys, Countless questions start arriving in our mind about her. As it is the 21st century and a girl is equally likely to have “Guy friends” as a boy is likely to have “Girl friends”, you can’t put a question over a girl’s character by just watching her with a male friend or many male friends. May be that they are just good friends. May be that she loves you more than anybody else. In such a time, you can follow these simple tips to adjudge the situation and to trust your girl if she is not on the wrong path:-

How to Trust your Girlfriend with Guy Friends

How to Trust your Girlfriend with Guy Friends

1. Try To Have an Analysis of Situation:-

First of all, try to have an analysis of the situation by adjudging what kind of friends she has. Now decide and adjudge each of these friend’s intentions towards her and discuss this with your girlfriend and tell her to stay away from the person who takes her more than just a friend or has ill kind intentions towards her.

2. Tell Her That You Were Feeling Jealous:-

If the girl thinks that you are spying on her, just tell her that it makes you feel jealous when she gets close with one of her guy friends. If she really loves you, she will try her best to make distance from such guys and if she hardly cares about your argument, it means that her love for you is not real and instead she herself is fake.

3. Tell yourself that she is just yours:-

In some situations, you can begin by convincing yourself that she belongs just to you and no-one can take you away from her. This will bring about a positive kind of feeling in you which will make you able to trust your girlfriend.

4. Get Involved with Her Thoughts:-

Sometimes, the thoughts of other person also help us a lot to adjudge their intentions. Spare some time daily to sit with the girl and keep talking with her to know about her thoughts. Get involved with her in such a way that you come to know about all what she thinks and expects from you. Once you get involved with her thoughts, it will get easier for you to analyze her thinking and it will also help you to adjudge how she takes guy friends in her contact.

5. Keep in Watch, the Signs of Betray:-

There are some signs of betray like lying, making false excuses, keeping secrets etc. that can easily make you catch her when she tries to betray you. If the guys in her contact are more than just a friend to her, she is sure to try lying, keeping secrets or making false excuses in front of you.

6. Give Her Enough Time and Space:-

You should give her enough time and space to adjudge who is the best guy for her. If a guy can keep multiple female friends, it is normal for a girl to have many guy friends as well. Just let her free like a bird and if she is yours, she is sure to come back.


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