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3 Powerful Tricks to Memorizing the Periodic Table

How to Memorize Periodic Table


A periodic table is a tabular arrangement of chemical elements taken in an order of their atomic number, configuration and chemical properties. An atomic number is the number of protons present in an element. It is represented in the form of blocks designated as blocks and columns. Each of these is also divided in groups making them characterized as special elements or gases. Dmitiri Mendeleev published periodic table in 1869.

3 Powerful Tricks to Memorizing the Periodic Table

3 Powerful Tricks to Memorizing the Periodic Table

This periodic table is essential to be learnt by the students in intermediate level and most of them face difficulties while learning it and thus here we have bought some easy steps for you to learn the periodic table in a better way.

1. For Group 18 or Noble Gases:-

Group 18 consists of inert or noble gases. This includes Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon etc. In order to learn the names of these gases, I am giving you a shortcut sentence. We learn sentences easier than names. This was the trick that our chemistry teacher taught me when I was in 12th standard. Cram this sentence,”Henry Nepolean and Arthur made in Karnataka Xero Run”. In the exam, you may forget the names of elements, but you won’t forget this sentence. Now breaking this sentence, “He” in Henry stands for Helium, “Ar” in Arthur stands for Argon, “Ne” in Nepolean stands for Neon and so on you can cram the names of every element like this.

We are never doubtful about the name of a particular element in the periodic table, but instead we are doubtful about their positions. Whenever someone asks you about the position of inert gases in Periodic table, you will just remember this sentence, “Henry Nepolean and Arthur made in Karnataka Xero Run” and you will be able to break the sentence in symbols in order to adjudge the place for each and every element.

2. Learning the Initial Names:-

There was a boy who used to sing a song of the initial names of periodic table in order to learn it. He never learnt periodic table with this approach, but the initial names in periodic table got crammed in my mind this way. First ten elements are rather easy to remember and you can easily remember them as first two names begin with “H” i.e. “H” for Hydrogen and “He” for Helium. You already know the name of tenth element because of the first step that I told you and now you are left with just seven element names which is not a big job to do.

3. Break Them in Categories to Learn:-

Periodic table can be easily broken according to type, configuration or category of each and every element. Like if Suppose I talk about the group 18 which consists of noble gases, these are just six in number with symbols “He”, “Ne”, “Ar”, “Kr”, “Xe”, “Rn”. Either you cram the symbols or you cram the names. These are just six. When you break periodic table in small parts or lists, it gets easy to be crammed. You can break the other categories either according to group or periods as you will be comfortable with both the ways.


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