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How Do Trees Grow From Seed

How Do Trees Grow?


It is so strange that the seed we implant somewhere deep in the soil for the process of germination to complete turns into a seedling with a tiny plant in it and then that tiny plant grows out into an adult plant that takes the shape of a tree. Obviously trees are also a living being that can’t move, but still survives and it always puts us up in a jeopardy how these trees are able to grow from seed to a tree. Let us go a little bit deeper clearing all our doubts regarding the same and know more about the actual process involved in the growing of a tree from seedling into a tree.

How Do Trees Grow From Seed

How Do Trees Grow From Seed

1. Take the Water from Soil:-

When we plant the seed and go for the regular watering of it, the seed is likely to get germinated because of it which means a tiny plant will start coming out of it. Now the roots will start evolving and these roots will try to take the water that we provide the plant by reaching deeper in ground and the water that these roots fetch for the seed will help it grow up.

2. Roots Act As a Carrier and Transporter of Water:-

As I told you earlier, the roots are the carrier and transporter of water to the plant which means the plant will get its requirement of water from the roots. Not just the water simply but the mineral content that we read to be present in most of the fruits and vegetables is because of this only.

3. The Leaves Act As Kitchen:-

If you go by the science, leaves are the kitchen of a plant. The food requirements of a plant are made in the leaves and then it is supplied to the rest of it. The process by which plants make their food is called photosynthesis and this is the process that the plants undergo in the presence of the sun.

4. Make Food with Sunlight with Chlorophyll:-

The green pigment that we see in plants is called chlorophyll. This is the pigment that enables the plants make their food in the presence of sun with the process called photosynthesis and thus the all processes that we have mentioned act together continuously at the same time to help the tree grow with time.

5. Detach the Unwanted Things in Form of Dried Leaves:-

Just like we go to toilet daily for excreting, the trees also excrete as it is but obvious that someone who will eat will also excrete it somehow and same is the case with plants, The things that plants no longer need is transferred to the leaves of plants that get dried afterwards and fall off the plant which makes them get rid of the unwanted stuff.

6. Take the Co2 and Release Oxygen:-

Let me tell you another interesting thing about the plants. They take carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The exchange of gases this way makes them our best friend as we release co2 while they need it and they release oxygen while we need it.


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