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What are the Treatment of anemia, Diagnosis

Treatment For Anemia

Treatment of anemia:-

the treatment of this disease is made on the factors like the cause of the disease and its severity. The deficiency or lack of vitamins in the person may be overcome with the usage of some special vitamin supplements like folic acid or vitamin b12. Lack of iron is the most happening cause of this disease in the developing nations and about two-third of the children and the women who are in a child bearing age are likely to suffer from this disease. The lack of iron is rare in mens and womens after the menopause.

What are the Treatment of anemia, Diagnosis

What are the Treatment of anemia, Diagnosis

The diagnosis of the lack of iron in an individual makes it necessary to have a search for the potential souyrce of loss of iron like the gastrointestinal bleeding caused by the ulcers or the cancer due to colons. People with a mild or less anemic state are treated with oral supplements like ferrous sulfate , ferrous fumarate, or ferrous gluconate that have the ability to replenish the iron requirements in them.

But these supplements when consumed may make the stomach upset which can be overcome by taking iron with the food these supplements can even make the feces darkened so one should consume enough iron needed by his body.

Diagnosis of anemia:-

a complete count of blood is needed to diagnose anemia. The diagnosis focuses to record the number of r.B.C’s in the individual and his hemoglobin level. The size of the red blood cells is automatically calculated by the automatic counters and the size of the cells also is measured by cytometry used to determine the cause behind the occurance of this disease.

A strained blood smear may even be examined under the microscope in a lab for this purpose in the countries where the automatic count approaches are not available. A reticulocyte count may be used as an quantative approach to the production of new R.B.C’s. The production index in this approach is the measurement of the ratio among the level of anemia and the extent to which this count can rise in affect to the approach. This approach may even be found to be inadequate or not sufficient in some of the cases.

This approach can be used when the automated count is not available. The classification of this disease is generally made by the size of the red blood cells and that is done generally by a microscope or by the automatic procedures. A microcytic type of anemia may be the product of the lack of iron in an individual.


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