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What are the Treatment Methods for Lung Cancer

What Is The Treatment For Lung Cancer


Though the treatment of cancer largely depends on the stage of cancer the individual is undergoing through. Lung treatment of a cancer largely depends upon the specific cell type of the cancer, the level till which it has spread itself and the performance status of the person suffering from a lung cancer.

What are the Treatment Methods for Lung Cancer

Treatment Methods for Lung Cancer

The treatment options to a cancer treatment involve status care, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. The targeted therapy of lung cancer is growing in importance for advanced lung cancer. For potentially curable cases, the chest radiotherapy is often recommended in addition to chemotherapy.

The stage at which the person suffering from cancer is, determines further the point if the person can be cured by the surgery or not. Or whether surgical treatment can take place or surgical treatment can’t take place and they will have to go for the other treatment options. Computed tomography and positron emission are the other options used to determine the cancer. To assess if the person can undergo a surgery, his blood samples are tested along with pulmonary function testing.

If the pulmonary function tests reveal poor respiratory reserve, surgery may not be possible. In most of the cases the lobe of the lung is advised to be removed what we call as lebectomy. The wedge resection has the higher risk to occur again than in the case of lebectomy. Radioactive iodine brachytherapy at the margins of wedge excision may reduce the risk of recurrence. In sclc, chemotherapy along with radio therapy can be performed.

Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery and video assisted lobectomy use a minimal invasive approach to lung cancer surgery. Vats lobectomy is equally effective compared to conventional open lobectomy, with options of a less postoperative illness. Though surgery might improve the results of both the chemotherapy and radio therapy.

The procedure of radio therapy is often performed with chemotherapy and may be performed with an curative approach to the people with whom the specialists cant perform a surgery. High intensity radio therapy is often called as radical therapy.In this technique, a high dose of radio therapy is given to the patient suffering from lung cancer in a short period of time. Post operative radio therapy may benefit some patients with mediastinal lymph node involvement in the case of lung cancer. Removal of the whole lung is performed in some of the cases what we call pneumonectomy but it is done in most rare cases.


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