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Treatment for Brain Tumor Headache

Treatment For Brain Tumors


while diagnosing a brain type of tumor, a team of medical practitioners is formed that assesses the options available for the treatment. This team is generally followed up by a leading surgeon to the patient and his family. neuro surgeons generally study a neoplasm before going for any management plan to that patient or his family. The treatment plans may include a simple surgery, radio therapy or radiation therapy or chemotherapy, surgery or even a shunt can be used to relieve the patient from the symptoms by making less the hydrocephalus caused the by blockage of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Treatment for Brain Tumor Headache

Treatment for Brain Tumor Headache

1. In surgery, a complete or partial resection of the tumor site is practiced to remove almost all the tumor cells as possible. though complete removal is the best option in this direction but still in some cases it is almost impossible to get to reach to the tumor and so the surgery is not done.

the patient undergoing a brain surgery is likely to suffer with epileptic seizures that can vary from absences to vigorous tonic-clonic attacks, though the effect of these seizures can be made under control by several medications.
multiple metastatic tumors are in general, treated with the approaches like chemotherapy and radiotherapy instead of making the patient undergo a surgery as the are of brain is a vital and delicate one, the prognosis in these cases is in general not so good.

2. In radio therapy, the tumors is made to radiate with beta, x or gama rays being the most common type of treatment for brain cancer. if there is a risk that brain tumor is likely to persist even after the surgery, the irradiation of whole brain of that person can even be done.

3. In Chemotherapy, being another option to treat brain tumors is rarely used to treat tumors inside the brain as the brain and blood act as a barrier to prevent the drugs from reaching the cancerous cells. This approach can be taken as a poison as it prevents the cells in the body from dividing further and keep on growing.

4. In radiation therapy, the main aim is to kill the cells of the tumor leaving up the healthy brain tissues untouched. in it multiple doses of radiations are applied to the patient’s brain repeating the process to about ten to thirty treatments depending on the size of the tumor.


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