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How to Treat Tonsils Infection in Children

how to treat tonsils infection in children


The condition of tonsils is a condition of collection of lymphoid tissue in children facing into the aero-digestive tract. A mass of lymphatic material gets developed in such a condition in throat of children. Mostly it develops at the back portion of the throat of a child. Two masses of tonsils act as a kind of trap for the germs and they also produce antibodies to fight the infection. Sometimes the tonsils themselves get infected and in such a time, there arises a need to look for the treatment options best suited in order to treat this problem. Tonsils in children can be cured adopting the following ways:-

how to treat tonsils infection in children

How to Treat Tonsils Infection in Children

1. Recognize the Symptoms:-

Tonsils can cause the following symptoms to a child:-

  • Some children affected with tonsils report a strange kind of throat pain or tenderness felt during this time. Often the tonsils experience redness and a white or yellow kind of coating develops on the tonsils.
  • Some even report painful blisters or ulcers to have occurred on the throat which causes loss of voice as the patient complains that it pains when he/she tries to speak.
  • Headache or ear pain are the two added symptoms that most of the patients of tonsils complaint to have experienced.
  • Difficulty in swallowing the food or difficulty while breathing through the mouth is also reported in a majority of cases.

2. Treatment On The Basis of Cause:-

Treatment of tonsils depends majorly on its root cause. This includes checking if tonsils are a result of virus or bacteria. The bacteria or virus is detected first as we can’t directly tell which kind of tonsil is it. This includes the children to undergo a test or a throat culture. In case of bacterial tonsils, an antibiotic medicine is recommended as anti-biotic best suit to kill or eliminate bacteria from the human body. If it has a virus as its root cause, the body has to itself fight against the virus as viruses are neither alive nor  dead but they just survive in the host. Rapid Strep Test is a test that a doctor/health specialist may bring in use for this purpose.

In this approach, the doctor gently swabs the back portion of the throat close to the tonsils with a cotton swab. Bacterial infection can be detected by lab testing. A Virus can be taken as the root cause even if the bacterial test results come out to be negative.

3. Treatment through Home Remedies:-

Make your child do multiple gargles with salt water. Let him take a few teaspoons of honey and lemon juice. Feed your child with turmeric and basil juice added milk. All these remedies prove effective against culture of bacteria and viruses in our body. Besides this, stay in touch with your health specialist to safeguard your child and to reduce the pain/symptoms as much as possible. Also, do not forget to mix fenugreek seeds when you prepare food for your child as even fenugreek is rich in tonsil curing properties.


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