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How to Treat Stomach Pain and Bloating

Reduce Stomach Pain and Bloating


Stomach bloating is a stomach condition that almost all people are aware of and have experienced it at some point of their life. It involves the feeling that stomach has got swollen after eating and is caused when the excess gas is produced in body. This causes excess pressure on the stomach wall and there is a lot of discomfort felt by such associated person. If you are experiencing the same, you may choose to follow the simple tips we are mentioning here to get rid of bloating.

How to Treat Stomach Pain and Bloating

How to Treat Stomach Pain and Bloating

1. Adopt Slow Eating Habits:-

It has been proven in a global survey that those who eat slowly chewing the food in a proper way never experience the condition of bloating and thus even I will like you to follow the same routine. Take time while eating and make sure to take small portions of food in a single bite so as to mix it up with saliva after chewing properly.

2. Monitor Your Food Intake And Avoid Gas Causing Items:-

Though fiber rich food is advised for better digestion but still if you are taking Extra high fiber rich food, this may increase your problems instead of reducing them as it has been proven that extra high fibers rich food can even make you have gas problem and thus you are advised to monitor your diet so as to avoid the condition of bloating in your case.

3. Try Out Onion and Tomato Salad:-

Earlier even I was suffering from the problem of bloating but then somebody advised me to start taking vegetable salad along with the regular meals and I added tomato and onion salad to my daily diet that I merged with cucumbers, radishes and other seasonal vegetables, this never made me experience bloating again and now I stay fit and fine and thus I will recommend it to you as well.

4. Take Coriander Juice Plus Onion Juice:-

Take a few coriander leaves and juice them up. Add some onion juice to this juice, along with the juice from leaves of basil which is a medicinal plant. Gulp this juice whenever you feel you are experiencing the problem of bloating and you will get relieved against it in a while. This proves to be equally effective against gas as well.

5. Have Some Yoghurt or Some Other Probiotic Drink:-

Probiotic drinks prove to be an awesome choice in case you suffer from bloating and homemade yoghurt which is against a probiotic drink that is made with the culture of bacteria in cool boiled milk can prove to bring you breathtaking benefits in case you suffer bloating problem.

6. Fix an Appointment with Doctor:-

Your problem should have been sorted out till yet but even if it is not still sorted out, you should not waste more time and fix an appointment with your family doctor so as to check if these are not the symptoms of some other health problem and even if the problem is bloating only, you can get some medications recommended from him regarding this purpose as well.


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