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How to Treat Pregnancy Stretch Marks

How to Treat Pregnancy Stretch Marks


Stretch marks refer to the rapid stretching or scarring of a woman’s skin, which is caused by tearing of the dermis when she is just about to get pregnant. This condition is associated with a rapid weight growth and weight changes. These can be influenced by hormonal changes like the ones that occur with us during the time of puberty or these can also associated with body building, hormonal replacement therapy etc.  Stretch marks never go completely after occurring to you once but we can surely reduce their effect making them get diminished day by day.  Here we are mentioning some ways in which you can treat pregnancy stretch marks.

How to Treat Pregnancy Stretch Marks

How to Treat Pregnancy Stretch Marks

1. Usage of Olive Oil and Castor Oil:-

The oils like Olive oil and Castor oil prove to be the best choice to make when you wish to bring home something which can treat stretch marks. Just take a suitable amount of one such oil each day on your palm and massage the stretch marks affected area with it. Stretch marks will keep on getting diminished each day like this.

2. Laser Treatment:-

Laser treatment is another such working option which can make you get rid of stretch marks. This approach includes Usage of scattered pulses of light in order to heal the stretch marks. In this approach, the scar of stretch marks is diminished by exposing it to a significant amount of laser beam.

3. Tummy Tuck Surgical Approach:-

The approaches like tummy tuck approach and other such approaches can also be bought in use to diminish scars of pregnancy stretch marks. These approaches mostly include the options to remove skin from stretch mark affected area so that the new skin that comes from under portion is free from any kind of stretch signs.

4. Application of Aloe Vera Juice and Gel:-

Aloe Vera gel is a product of Aloe Vera plant. You can use the liquid out of Aloe Vera leaves on your stretch marks affected area in order to get rid of these marks or you can even bring home an Aloe Vera juice based product to do so. Aloe Vera juice and Aloe Vera creams are available on all aayurvedic and Patanjali based stores these days which can be bought in use as a substitute to Aloe Vera juice.

5. Application of Cocoa Butter and Egg Whites:-

Egg whites can be bought in use for application on stretch marks affected areas to make them free from stretch signs. Besides this, cocoa butter or other such options can also be bought in use for this purpose. Direct application of egg yolk can also prove beneficial in some cases.

6. Usage of Lemon Juice or Potato Juice:-

Lemon juice is the best naturally proven and accepted skin cleanser amongst all skin cleansers available till date. Just slice a lemon in two portions and squeeze out its juice to apply it on the stretch marks affected area daily. Your skin will soon get rid of stretch marks making them diminished with each coming day. You can also use potato juice in place of lemon juice if lemons are not available in your area.


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