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6 Ways to Treat Lower Back Pain without Medication

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain


Sometimes after rigorous working schedule or a playing schedule for hours, a strange kind of pain is felt in the back that makes us either press our back against the wall or we prefer lying in our bed to prevent ourselves from getting affected with it. This also happens to you when you lift something heavy in a wrong way. Say a gas cylinder. The pain is very much vigorous and sometimes it feels like we have become weak enough to deal with such a pain as it leaves us degenerated. Back pain is a horrible condition with most of us and if the case is same with you as well, these tips are surely going to help you in a favorable way against it:-

6 Ways to Treat Lower Back Pain without Medication

How to Treat Lower Back Pain

1. Ice to Reduce Inflammation:-

The inflammation that occurs due to any health problem or physical injury can be treated using ice packs. An ice pack proves helpful in reducing the inflammation because of any old injury which gets healed from outside, but keeps on persisting from inside making you experience inner pain. Simply take a few cubes and ask someone to massage your back with them. You will soon get relieved against lower back pain.

2. Use Pain Relieving Ointment:-

There are many back pain relieving ointments like “MOOV” or “Volini” etc. available on medical stores these days. These are available in both sprays as well as gel based forms and if you can’t manage to ask someone to apply the ointment gel, you can bring home the spray in order to apply it yourself.

3. Oil Massage:-

Massaging hot oils like ginger oil, glucosamine, emu oil etc. on your back can also prove to be a pain relieving approach against lower back pain. There are many such oils which are hot or warm by essence and you can massage them on your lower back in order to relieve yourself against back pain problem. Ginger oil and Emu oil rather prove to be a working approach in case of pain of arthritis as well.

4. Massage with a Heating Effect:-

There are many electric pads available in the market which just need to be wrapped around your back and once you switch on the power button, the pad provides a kind of heating effect to your back which relieves you against pain in the back. Such electronic heating pads are available on various online as well as telemarketing based shopping places and you can purchase them easily from one such place.

5. The heat therapy:-

Place a pan on the gas stove with nothing in it. Place a cotton handkerchief in this empty pan for a few seconds and then place the handkerchief on the affected person’s back. The handkerchief should not be extra hot as it will get burnt in such cases. You can also use a cloth dipped in hot water to place it on your back to get relieved to some extent against back pain problem.

6. Check If It Is a Problem of Bones:-

The back bone often gets discomforted when we keep sitting at a single place for much time. If you work in a working environment which includes sitting at a single place for a span of long hours, you can meet a specialist of bones in order to get some medicines recommended from him for this purpose. Besides this, you should adopt stretching exercises in your schedule and you should keep on taking breaks in mid to make your back get enough time for relaxing.


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