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How to Treat Holes in your Teeth

How to treat your hole Teeth


Cavities or caries or a hole in the teeth is observed when your teeth experience the problem of tooth decay. When you eat something extra sweet or the food items get stuck in your teeth, it makes your teeth get plagued and bacteria gathering took place in your teeth. The bacteria attack tooth enamel in order to eat it up and thus finally tiny holes get created in the teeth because of cavities or because of germs eating your tooth enamel.

How to Treat Holes in your Teeth

How to Treat Holes in your Teeth

In such a time, it becomes an individual’s duty to look after his or her teeth as if this is not done, the tooth enamel becomes prone to a tooth fall and thus you should adopt treatment measures for the treatment of your tooth against tooth decay. The measures that can be adopted in such a situation are as follows:-

1. Know the Signs and Symptoms:-

In order to adjudge if your teeth has met cavities or not, you will need to make yourself familiar with the condition of your teeth first of all. You can go for a free dental check-up for this purpose or you can inspect your teeth yourself with a torch light standing in front of a mirror. The condition of your teeth can be best checked noting down the signs and symptoms that you suffer from.

2. Get the Treatment Made:-

An inspection follows the treatment. If your teeth are still in a repairable stage, you can switch to a better floss, tongue cleaner and tooth powder or tooth paste. This will safeguard your teeth against further damage. You can get a tooth completely removed if it is in a non-repairable stage.

3. Meet a Dentist:-

The best treatment options for a tooth hole are always available with a dentist. Some tooth roots have their connection with the vital parts of your head and thus they cause vigorous pain if you try to become the dentist yourself. You should never try a self-practiced approach with your tooth and instead you should reach some good dentist immediately.

4. Get Fluoride Treatment:-

Fluoride treatment is the best treatment option for hole in your teeth available with the dentists these days. In this treatment, the dentist fills a fluoride filling in hole of your teeth and the hollow portion of your tooth thus gets prevented against further damage.

5. Restoration Treatment With Fillings:-

There are various kinds of fillings like a silver filling, white filling etc. which can be filled in hollow portion of an individual’s teeth to make his teeth restored against the hollowness damage created by bacterial action in their mouth.

6. Get a Custom Fitted Tooth Covering (CROWN):-

There is another procedure called crown positioning which can be bought in use to repair your hollow teeth. In this procedure, the damaged teeth(s) of an individual are fitted with a custom fitted tooth covering which is called crown in dentist’s language. By positioning a crown over the damaged tooth, the dentist actually prevents the teeth from further damage and thus the individual gets safeguarded against hole problem with teeth.


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