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How to Treat an Infected Tattoo

How to Treat Infected Tattoo


Tattoo is basically a form of art done on the skin. People like to get their skin tattooed for the purpose of looking bold and cool. The places where one can get a tattoo made includes your neck, under ear portion, belly, back portion, your arms, your legs and even your bumps. People are just crazy about tattoos. Though these days artificial tattoos are also available, but there are some tattoos, which result in reaction or infection in the skin. This causes tremendous irritation, inflammation and pain. In order to treat an infected tattoo, you can bring the following ways in use:-

How to Treat an Infected Tattoo

How to Treat an Infected Tattoo

1.  Know If You Are Experiencing an Infection of Tattoo:-

In order to know that if you are suffering from a tattoo infection or something else, the best way is to consider the symptoms first. A tattoo infection is often characterized with extreme redness of skin, which is accompanied by irritation in most of the cases. You can also experience the other symptoms or signs like fever, pain or swelling. In some of the cases, a discharge or pus is also seen coming out of the infected portion of skin.

2. Safeguard the Area Keeping It Clean:-

It is advised that you keep this area safeguarded from water. It should be kept clean and dry. You can use dry cotton in a gentle manner to wipe off the infected area and you can use sunscreen lotion to protect it from sunlight. This step of care is mandatory if you wish to treat your infected portion of skin.

3. Talk with a Derma Professional:-

A dermatologist is the one who looks about the issues related with skin. When you experience the symptoms related with skin infection, your first approach should be based on fixing an appointment with a dermatologist in your area. A dermatologist won’t just recommend you the medicine dosage for your infected area of skin, but he will also look for the possible options to make your skin back to normal once again.

4.  Usage of Antibiotic Cream:-

An antibiotic cream is a cream which is applied on skin to make it get rid of bacteria. You can purchase one such cream for yourself to apply it daily on the affected area of your skin. If possible, consult the name of antibiotic that you use from a doctor or dermatologist first.

5. Cold Pack for Itching and Swelling:-

Often, such infections are accompanied with itching or swelling. In order to make your skin get rid of such signs or symptoms, you can use a cold compress or cold pack. In some of the cases, applying a mixture of turmeric with neem tree and basil juice can also prove to show curative results.

6. Use Ointments like Include Bacitracin and Neosporin:-

Bacitracin and Neosporin are the two names that you can ask for from any chemist/pharmacy shop if there is no other option of treatment available to you. The names of salts/medicinal content may differ even with a slight difference of spelling and thus it is better if you tell them about the accurate name.


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