How to Treat Advanced Lyme’s Disease

How to Treat Advanced Lyme's Disease


Lyme’s disease is a health disorder in which an infection takes place with the individual. There is a bacterium that causes this infection and it makes an individual experience the symptoms like a rash occurring at the place which is neither itching nor painful and may not even occur in some of the cases but there is a redness and occurrence of fever with such an individual. Headache and feeling of tiredness is also likely to be accompanied in some of the cases and in some other cases, joint pain or swelling may even occur. In case you have got these symptoms and you suffer from Lyme’s disease, you may treat it following the tips that we are mentioning here:-

How to Treat Advanced Lyme's Disease

How to Treat Advanced Lyme’s Disease

1. Antibiotics and Probiotics Should Be Taken In Initial Stage:-

In the first stage of Lyme’s disease, you should try depending upon probiotics and antibiotics. Probiotics because they contain a bacteria that lives inside the stomach and helps to crowd out the harmful bacteria from the body while antibiotics because they help the body to fight against the bacteria and get rid of it.

2. If Even Antibiotics Don’t Work:-

In some cases the patients also reported probiotics and antibiotics to prove ineffective for them. In such cases the patients may choose to go for the herbal therapy which includes the usage of selected herbs to treat an individual against the infection caused by the bacteria.

3. Stay In Touch With the Doctor:-

Besides it you should stay in touch with the doctor and you should not forget that every half knowledged and half skilled person is a danger to life. You should have regular touch with your health specialist so as to know how far the progress has been made and how long it would take in the course of medicines to be completed.

4. Complete the Course of Medicines:-

Besides it there is a problem with some people that they can’t tolerate the pills and tablets for quite long and thus they quit the medicines too soon. It is advised that you complete the dosage of medicines recommended by the doctor for the time he has specified them to be taken by you. Completing the course of medicine puts you at an advantage and your body gets able to recover faster.

5. Proper Rest to Be Taken:-

Besides that, your body needs proper rest to be taken from your side. You can drink milk added with turmeric power and you may also choose to take basil juice or other such antibacterial natural formulations like neem leaf juice etc. Simply complete the course of medicines besides taking proper rest and you get sorted.

6. Oral Antibiotics to Be the Best Option if it cures you:-

If we believe in the experts, the antibiotics prove to be the best option even if you are going for the herbal treatment side by side as antibiotics make you capable to fight the bacteria and results are seen soon this way.


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