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How to Treat a Cracked Nipple while Breastfeeding

How to Treat Nipple Crack


While breastfeeding your baby, sometimes you notice that your nipples have become sore and it causes pain while breastfeeding your baby. A nipple crack is such a condition which troubles every breastfeeding mother and her child during lactation period. The most probable reason for this to happen to a mother is the fact that her breasts are not able to reach the baby’s mouth properly. In some cases, it has been observed that the pain which arrives with a nipple crack condition often makes women feel like a kind of being diseased. In order to treat such condition, the following tips can be followed.

How to Treat a Cracked Nipple while Breastfeeding

How to Treat a Cracked Nipple while Breastfeeding

1. Be Close With Your Baby:-

Most of nipple crack/sore nipple cases occur when your nipple does not reach enough deeper inside the baby’s mouth and thus baby feels difficult to nurse your milk. You should keep the baby close enough with your nipple in such a way that his nose does not become a barrier for him to lactate your milk. This will prevent you from having sore nipples and even the baby will be able to feed himself in a better way.

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2. Unlatch When the Baby Nurses:-

In some of the cases, it is also advised to unlatch when the baby starts drinking milk by squeezing your nipple in his mouth. This can make the baby feel irritated in most of cases, but still you can try this approach in order to check if the baby is able to take your nipple in his mouth properly or not.

3. Feed the Baby when he is hungry:-

Some mothers keep on sticking their baby to their breast every time instead of feeding the baby only when he is hungry. You should only bring the baby close to your breasts when it needs to be fed. This will also help you a lot against sore nipple problem. Though you can still carry your baby in your arms, but you should feed it only when it is perfect time to feed him.

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4. Look If It Is a Latch Problem or a Yeast Infection: –

The condition of thrush on the skin of nipple or in the baby’s mouth can also result in making your nipples sore. There is another condition called bleb which is a tiny blister with the end of the nipple. This condition can also make your nipple feel cracked in most of the cases. There can be many other such similar conditions which can cause a kind of bleeding with your nipple or can make them feel sore or cracked. In such cases you should immediately fix an appointment with your health specialist in order to get cared against this disease.

5. Express A Little Milk on Nipples:-

If you feel like your nipples are getting sore or there is a slight pain felt while your baby nurses, you can express a little milk on your nipples to get rid of this problem. If you reach a medical store, you can ask them to hand over a Nipple Ointment to you in order to treat your nipples against soreness/ cracks and even bleeding.

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