How to Transpose Data in Excel Using Formula (4 Steps)

How to Transpose Data in Excel

How to Transpose Data in Excel


Microsoft excel is a word processing software from the house of Microsoft word that enables you to save the data, making calculations with the help of formulas and make records based on calculations with the help of spreadsheets and several formulas meant for this purpose. There is another feature to transpose the data through it and this can be done as follows.

How to Transpose Data in Excel

How to Transpose Data in Excel

1.  Selecting the Cell:-

In order to go for transposing the data, you will be required first of all to select a cell in the paste area that is out of the area out of which you had copied the data. In the clipboard group on the home tab, you need to click the arrow below, paste and then click the transpose option. After the data gets successfully transposed, you can then delete the data that you had pasted in the copy area.

2. Transposing Can Also Be Used For The Purpose of Changing The Column To Row:-

Transposing may be bought in use for the purpose of rotating or changing the place of data from rows to columns or from columns to rows. Suppose the data that you have is in columns, you can use the transpose feature to change its position from columns to rows.

3. The Exact Way of Transposing From Column to Rows:-

I.) First of all select the data that you want to rotate. This may include any sort of row or column labels. Now in order to select this data, you may either use shift + arrow keys or else you may even do that with the help of mouse and when the selection has been made, you simply need to press control key + “C” which will copy the data.

II.) Now simply make a right click on first cell where you want the data to be pasted and then pick transpose. This should be done with the area in worksheet that has got enough space with it to store this data. In case there is some data written in it from earlier, the data that you have pasted will be overwritten on it. Now, after the position of data has been changed successfully from rows to columns or from columns to rows, the original data can be deleted.

4. Transposing Tips:-

In case there were some formulas in your data, the Microsoft excel will update them automatically to match up the new placement. The transpose feature might not be found available if your data is in the excel table. Keep in mind to make the use of copy or control key plus “C” only. If you try to cut the data instead of pasting it, you might find it an impossible job to make.