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How Do Transistors Work as an Amplifier (6 Steps)

how do transistors work as an amplifier


A transistor is a semi-conductor electronics device bought in use to switch electronic signals. An amplifier on the other hand is a device that can amplify the same electrical signal, making its power increased and often the transistors are brought into use as amplifier serving the purpose to amplify the electric signal making its power increased. In case you wish to know how a transistor can serve an individual as an amplifier, you may choose to go through the information that we are providing here.

how do transistors work as an amplifier

How Do Transistors Work as an Amplifier

1. The Exact Purpose That Serves To Make a Transistor Turn into an Amplifier:-

Suppose a small current has got the responsibility to control a heavy current, this will make the amplification occur for sure and same is the case with a transistor as well. This serves to be the exact purpose why a transistor serves to act as an amplifier.

2. The Movement of Currents with Each Parts of the Transistor:-

Talking about the movement of currents with each of the parts of a transistor that we have mentioned say base, emitter and collector, the base current enters the base and exits the emitter while the collector current enters the collector and exits the emitter.

3. The unit associated with this current:-

The relation between the collector current and base current can be described in the forms of the constant beta or He. Hence the range that has been described with any of the transistor depicts the ration of collector current to the base current.

4. The Currents Associated With A Transistor:-

Talking about the types of current associated with a transistor, there are three main types of current associated with it which includes the Emitter current, the base current and the collector current. The emitter current serves to be the sum total of base and collector currents.

5. What Purpose This Amplification Serves:-

When the electric current is supplied to either terminal of the transistor changes the current through the other pair of terminals making the output current higher than the input current serving as an amplifier for which purpose these are bought in use to make watches, calculators etc as in these devices, a small input power is to be converted into a large output power.

6. Explanation for the Transformation of Transistor into an Amplifier:-

Simply take a transistor as a black chip like material with steel wires coming out of it. There is doping made within it that makes the amplification take place and to fortify your knowledge against the same, you will have to go by the concepts of Physics.


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