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How is a Trait Passed from Parent to Offspring

How Traits Are Passed From Parents To Offspring’s


It is said that the traits of parents automatically get transferred to their children or offspring’s. This includes the traits like height, complexion and other such traits of the body. It also affects the temperament or nature to some extent as well. In the language of science, we call this term as heredity. In the language of science, heredity can be explained as the passing of traits from parents to offspring’s through any means of reproduction, say sexual or asexual. The way in which all this happens can be explained as follows:-

How is a Trait Passed from Parent to Offspring

How is a Trait Passed from Parent to Offspring

1. The Role of DNA:-

Before the division of a cell through the process of mitosis, the DNA gets copied. Each of the resulting cells inherits the DNA sequence and a father’s DNA is thus much similar to that of a child. DNA is the only working factor that can thus be bought in use to decide if a child is legitimate or not.

2. Genes and Genotype:-

Genes are the distinct segments of DNA. Gene is a portion of DNA molecule that specifies a single functional unit. Different kinds of genes have different sequences of bases. The genetic material is inherited by a child from his parents through chromosomes, which is a kind of combination of DNA sequences that code for genes. In sexual reproduction, half of these genes are inherited from the mother and rest half from the father.

3. Copying of DNA:-

DNA acts as a molecule that encodes genetic information. This genetic information is taken from parents to children and thus the traits are passed from one generation to another. This copying of DNA is responsible for the passing of traits from one generation to another.

4. The mother and father factor:-

When we sexually reproduce the body structure of a mother and father decides a lot about what kind of specifications the baby will be born with. For example, If you were of a height as large as 6 feet and your wife was also an average heighted lady say more than five feet in height, It is but obvious that your son will also have a height as long as 6 feet when he grows up to be a man and your daughter will also have the height resembling that of her mother.

5. Theory of evolution:-

Even when Charles Darwin came up with the theory of evolution, he was fascinated by the way in which one generation has an impact on the other generation. The traits were passing on from one generation to the other with some adaptations or changes made according to the living environment.

6. Example of inheritance:-

The eye color that we have is often inherited from our parents. If your parent’s eyes were brown, you are also likely to have brown eyes. You are likely to resemble your parents in certain ways, including height, face tone, color of eyes etc. Some even have a birth mark history of a sign being passed from generation to generation in the same part of the body.


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