What Is Trading In Stock Market

trading in stock market


Trading is an easy thing:-

do you take share trading as a gamble like much of the other investors ?, people invest with a belief that either it will make them a king or a beggar.
people purchase a stock on their relatives or friend’s advice to make quick money, borrow money at a great interest thinking it will get recovered   when they invest it in shares & wait for months & years to get their cost recovered.
share trading is a job full of risk. however, if you have a good knowledge of it, then it is easiest as well.

trading in stock market

What Is Trading In Stock Market

there are some facts & rules that need to be followed to invest in share market that make share investment – earning procedure a bit easy.

Indian Trading:-

In India. The meaning of Trading is purchasing and selling a stock the same day or to keep on holding it for just 2-3 days.
The first is called an intraday trade or simply a day trade. The second is called a swing trade or a delivery Trade. Positional trade includes to take a longer position and hold on a stock for 2-3 weeks. if the trader is a good trader, there is a time when he will completely forget whether he was trading to make the money or to adjudje that he was right at his place. When he concentrates on the other, that’s when the problem strikes.

So to overcome this problem, One should either have knowledge of technical analysis and the market or consult the relationship manager of the brokerage firm in order to be a good trader. there is a need to keep stuck to stop loss.
one should Never go against the market trend and there is never a need to mix your trading portfolio with your investment portfolio.

General Questions Ask Everything:-

Question : Is investment in gold or silver at current high prices safe ?

Answer : the chance is 50-50 if a trader makes money or looses the much of it. whether this activity suits him or not depends on his bank balance. do not invest much of your money in a single time, first off all see what you have in your wallet, watch out can you still be normal if you loose some of it ? if yes, then you can invest in it.


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