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How to Track Lost Mobile Phone

How to track lost mobile


For most of us who earn a limited salary, purchasing a new expensive mobile is a one time and last time investment. We are able to purchase one costly mobile after making savings from our daily expenses for months and thus we can’t imagine about purchasing a new phone as soon as it gets lost. In such cases, the best available way is to track your lost phone making the thief either return it back or throw it in order to save himself from police. This becomes possible with the usage of applications based on GPS trackers and mobile tracking devices. In order to track your lost phone, the following tips can be bought in use:-

How to Track Lost Mobile Phone

How to Track Lost Mobile Phone

1. Use Software Like Track IMEI:-

If your search web, you will find many software like “Track IMEI” where you can enter your mobile set’s IMEI number in order to search it. IMEI number can be tracked by dialing *#06# and you can note down on a piece of paper when you purchase the phone to keep it safe. IMEI number slip is there on your phone’s bill as well as its box and thus you can locate it from there even if your phone gets lost. You can register with the website track imei immediately after purchasing your phone with your IMEI number so that even if your mobile gets lost or thefted somehow and the stealer tries to sell it, you will immediately be informed by the website and you will come to know that the mobile is being sold somewhere enabling you to track its sale and to prevent it from being sold.

2. Find My Mobile” Mobile Locating Service:-

Mobile companies like Samsung enable you to track and find your lost device and to lock it preventing the thief from using it by the means of a website called “find my mobile” with its link as When you have lost your mobile, you can wipe its device functions and you can lock it using this website and you can even locate it using the locate my device feature of the same website.

3.  The Pre-Installed Android Tracking System:-

Most of the smart phones these days come pre-installed with GPG and mobile tracking applications. Even the java mobiles these days are being launched with an offline mobile tracking application which once activated will automatically start sending SMS on pre-provided contacts whenever a thief inserts a new SIM card in that particular phone, In most of the Android mobile phones, an in-built mobile tracker comes installed from Google’s side which can be bought in use if you turn ADM on from your device’s settings. You can sync your mobile with your Google account and once it gets stolen, you can lock it and erase it from the same Google account.

4. If You Were Using A GPS Enabled Mobile Tracker:-

Most of the smart phones these days come installed with a GPS chip and the same GPS chip can be bought in use to locate the phone when it gets lost. You should download mobile tracking GPS enabled software in the same time when you bring home a phone. Most of such software even enables you with phone locking and erasing features besides giving you a chance to recover your phone by tracking the thief.

5. Using Google Maps History Option:-

Google maps is an option that enables your phone to track your phone’s location history and thus if you have features like location reporting and location history enabled within your phone, you can easily track its location using your Google account.


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