How to Track Blue Dart Courier Status

how to track blue dart courier status


Bluedart is a name that we hear when order something online from the internet. Bluedart is the name of courier service which dispatches you the goods that you purchase from its online shopping partner websites and Tele shopping channels. When you order something from a website which tells you that bluedart service is expected to dispatch you the desired product, you wish to check the status of delivery. One can check the courier status of goods dispatched for a period of 45 days with Blue Dart from the date of dispatch/delivery. In order to track the status of your delivery from blue dart warehouse, you can adopt the following tips that we are mentioning here:-

how to track blue dart courier status

How to Track Blue Dart Courier Status

1. Come Here For Online Tracking:-

In order to track your order on the internet, you can simply click the link that I am providing below. After clicking this link, the online tracking form for Blue Dart service will get opened in your browser with a text area where you can enter your Way Bill/ Reference number in order to track the status of your courier.

2. SMS tracking, if you don’t have A Smart Phone:-

There is another easy option for you to track your Blue Dart order dispatch and delivery. This includes the use of any mobile phone to send an SMS to Blue Dart in order to track your order. Just write “T<WayBill/Reference Number> or I<WayBill/reference number> to 56767 and a message will automatically be sent back to you from Blue Dart’s side telling you about the status of your delivery.

3. Send an Email If You Have a Computer/Laptop:-

Blue Dart is a name enough for customer satisfaction as I not just provide you a single chance to track your order but the chances are simply endless and one such other chance to track your order is through E-mail. Just add [email protected] to your email recipient’s list and send them your waybill number/reference number as a message. Someone will soon get in touch with you back with an E-mail message.

4. Call the Customer Care:-

If none of the above mentioned approaches works for you, you can even make a direct call to BlueDart in order to ask the customer care about possible options to track your order or you can request them to tell you about it just like we ask any other customer care about our jeopardies. This includes the numbers like (011) 25699951/52/53/54 if you are living near or inside Delhi. (022) 26184202/3286 if you live in Mumbai, (033) 22881919 if you live in Kolkata and (040) 23311919/2110/2060 if you live in Hyderabad.

5. Look Your Shopping Application:-

If you had made shopping with an online application, you can easily track the status of its delivery from the same application. There is a desired option with every online shopping website and application to make you aware of your product’s status of delivery and dispatch and thus you can even bring your shopping application in use to track the status of you order.


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