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Top 8 Fascinating Funny Facts about Monkeys

Top 8 Interesting Facts about Monkeys


Monkeys are the animals that live in cities as well as hill regions and wild. These have got tails and are awesome tree climbers as well. Monkeys are often dry nosed and may be carnivores as well as herbivores. These ones are referred to be intelligent and are often viewed as the ancestors of humans. These can be a great pet sometimes and sometimes are used in juggling street shows as well. These prefer to live on trees most of the times and choose to eat everything available in the wild. Some monkeys even choose to hunt other smaller monkeys to fetch their hunger as well. Here are some interesting facts about this creature that will surely leave you over whelmed.

Top 8 Fascinating Funny Facts about Monkeys - HowFlux

Top 8 Fascinating Funny Facts about Monkeys

1. Monkeys have been used as a character in various games as well. The wizard of OZ or Temple run is a game that features monkeys in their game. Monkeys are rather used as a symbol by Mahatma Gandhi in one of his famous followings that depict three monkeys with one having the mouth closed, one having eyes closed and one having the ears closed that says, never hear the bad, never look at the bad and never speak the bad.

2. The tail of a particular monkey is generally 6.8 inches in size and approximately 100 grams in weight.
The eyes are forward facing and there may be a difference based on Nose. The primates with wet nose are not designated as monkeys and only the ones with a dry nose come under this category.

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3. Monkeys are held captive in prison so as to test chemicals on them. Just think about it, every chemical that is produced for human usage is firstly tested on these innocent animals and then comes available for us. How cruel of we humans to use this creature for our selfishness.

4. Often all monkeys are mischievous and like to keep on climbing the tree branches and breaking and tearing off the stuff that they find so as to play with it. The young ones of monkeys are rather more mischievous than the adult ones.

5. Monkeys have remained a substitute for human needs since time immemorial, not just for the chemical based experiments but these creatures have often been sent on space missions as well. United States and France have used this primate for various space missions.

6. Monkey brains are eaten in parts of Africa and China as a delicacy. Though there are laws and organizations that fight for the protection of animals against the human cruelty, still this is practiced in these parts.

7. In major Asian regions, Monkey is used as a symbolic form of god. Various version of gods that took birth in form of a monkey can be seen to be mentioned within various religions like talking about the Hindu religion, monkeys are seen as the messengers of lord Hanuman who played a major role in Ram charit manas that is a holy book of Hindus other than Geeta. The Simian statue at the Buddhist shrine in Tokyo, Japan is a relative example of it.

8. The mother monkeys keep their babies stick to their chest and often feed their babies in this position only. The mother monkey will keep her baby stick to her chest even if it dies. The babies are breast feeded by the mother and she is the only one who takes care of them.


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