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Top 6 Ways to Stop Global Warming

ow to Stop Global Warming


The warming up of Earth’s climatic system can be regarded as global warming. The change is earth’s temperature results in warming up of earth’s atmosphere and this warming results in harmful effects which needs to be prevented in order to stop global warming. Global warming results due to the burning of fossil fuels, level of carbon in the atmosphere, greenhouse effect and the emission of other harmful gases. In this article thus we have come with some tips for you to prevent this situation in a better manner following some tips that I am mentioning here.

Top 6 Ways to Stop Global Warming - HowFlux

Top 6 Ways to Stop Global Warming

1. The Three “R” Approach:-

The first thing that you can do in order to stop global warming is to follow the three “R” approach that includes recycling, reduce, reuse that means you should reduce using non-renewable sources, try to reuse them and recycle them to form new products again using the same material in a smart way.

2. Driving Smartness:-

You can save the earth being a smart driver. First of all try to quit using bikes that operate on fuels and instead use mechanical approaches of travelling. If you can’t manage to use a cycle, you can choose for the renewable sources of energy like electricity or compressed natural gas etc. that are less harmful than petroleum or diesel etc.

3. Renewable Sources of Energy:-

Switch to renewable sources of energy like electricity, C.N.G etc instead of coal and petroleum, oils etc. Stop burning coal for heating or production purposes and conserve it instead of burning it. Go for the renewable approaches that help you gain much and loose less. Go for solar power or mechanical power in order to conserve the existing sources.

4. The Approach Of Separate Dustbins:-

You can choose to have separate dustbins for every type of waste material. Never burn tree leaves in order to get rid of them. This generates carbon that is amongst the top most reason of global warming. You can keep two dustbins in your locality one green and other white, the green one for the tree leaves, vegetable peels and waste, fruit waste etc and the other one being renewable waste like poly bags, batteries, plastic, etc that can be sold out to the scraps dealer to get it recycled. You can get a good exchange for that and the content of green dustbin can be bought out to be used as an organic manure in your fields instead of burning it.

5. Afforestation Instead of Deforestation:-

Every year countless number of trees are cut down to make paper, fossil wood, furniture, etc. and this results in deforestation to a huge level. Trees act as a natural balance maker of atmosphere and when these trees will be cut at a blind level, the atmospheric balance is sure to get worse and this way all of us will die because of an imbalance with the air and oxygen.

6. Awareness:-

The next thing that can help you prevent global warming is to make people aware about the causes of it. Tell people how global warming is caused and ask them to stop everything that results in it.


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