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Top 6 Global Warming Causes and Effects

Main Causes of Global Warming


Global warming can be regarded as a natural hazard for us. Though we hear this term much a times but less amongst us are aware of it. Global warming may simply mean the change of temperature to some of the fellows out here, but this is not just a mere change of temperature, there is much more associated with it. We know that it might make us meet our doom someday, but knowing what causes it can make us act smartly and prevent the cause behind it making the place, a bit safer to live in.

Top 6 Global Warming Causes and Effects

Top 6 Global Warming Causes and Effects

1. Deforestation:-

First of all, I will advise you to grow more and more trees. The more you grow trees, the more temperature of earth stay controlled. These trees prove to reduce the harmful gases and regulate the production of oxygen and keep a check over carbon dioxide. You can choose to plant a tree on every big occasion and you may even choose to plant a seed for every tree that you cut down. You can even choose to recycle the paper products as many trees are cut down each year in order to produce paper and paper based products.

2. Energy crisis:-

The air conditioners that you use, The bulbs that you use, The fans that you use, the computers that you use feed on electricity and which consumes much of power that is generated either through coal, or through water and thus you can switch to LED lights instead of bulbs and power saver equipment as well. You can choose to go for solar energy substitutes or you may choose to keep your extra appliances off when you don’t need them.

3. Pollutants from vehicles:-

The harmful carbon based pollutants emitted by the silencer of our vehicles proves to be another reason for global warming and thus we should try switching to mechanical sources of transport like cycle. We should use car pull services and should use minimum time of vehicles operation.

4. Industrial wastes:-

The carbon waste generated by the industries from their chimneys and burning of coal and other fuels has also resulted in global warming. Companies are advised to use renewable sources of energy instead of coal and tire, etc. in order to enhance production of their firm in an environment friendly way.

5. Greenhouse gases:-

Greenhouse gases include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and ozone, etc. these gases have resulted in global warming as well. They cause greenhouse effect that absorbs and emits radiations within the thermal infrared range becoming a cause of global warming. If these greenhouse gases continue to increase in earth’s atmosphere, the atmosphere of earth will become like that of Venus one day.

6. Generated building wastes:-

The generated waste from buildings can also be said to be another culprit behind global warming in a way that the leaves that we burn, the waste that we burn all results in carbon products that enter the atmosphere making it deteriorate and result in change in temperature resulting in global warming.


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