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Top 10 Stylish Poses for Selfie Photography Girl

10 Stylish Poses for Selfies Girl


A Selfie is a self-taken picture of an individual. Usually it is taken with the help of front camera positioned in any device. With the arrival of Android smart phones, Window phones and iPhone in the market, the trend of using front camera and clicking selfies also came into existence and this trend really had an effect on our lifestyle as well.

Top 10 Stylish Poses for Selfie Photography Girl

Top 10 Stylish Poses for Selfie Photography Girl

1. Tilt Your Head at an Angle:-

For this Selfie pose, you will have to tilt your head at a specific angle that gives you the perfect details of your face on camera. Simply click the capture button afterwards and a perfect Selfie shot will be captured.

2. Use a Selfie Stick:-

If you reach the online gadget stores these days, you will watch out a new gadget named Selfie stick. This gadget is designed to give you a wide view range on your front camera. Simply attach a Selfie stick with your camera and capture the shot standing in a group for a group Selfie and you will get a perfect click.

3. Perfect Light for Perfect Selfie:-

Sometimes your Selfie pose is all based on the lightning effect. Find the perfect lightning spot and stand with a perfect shape in your favorite personality mode. Click the capture button and you will get a perfect Selfie for yourself.

4. A pointing Selfie:-

Stand in front of something like a temple or sun and point towards it with your finger. Click to capture the shot and you will get a perfect Selfie for yourself.

5. A Pout Selfie:-

This one is the craziest and best working Selfie working for girls these days. You can get this Selfie clicked in a group or you can get it clicked on an individual basis as well. Simply stand in front of your camera and pose with your lips in kissing pose. Click the capture button and you get sorted.

6. A Reunion Selfie:-

A reunion Selfie can be captured when you are on an outing with old friends in some restaurant or some P.V.R. Simply stand with your friends in a group and pose like anything weird or funny.

7. A Laughing Selfie:-

A laughing Selfie is the one in which you pose like you are a mad laughing personality. Laugh like anything while capturing that moment as a Selfie. This one is also counted amongst the craziest Selfie styles ever.

8. A Victory Selfie:-

A victory Selfie is taken when you have made some achievement or you have won some trophy or you are standing with some celebrity. Simply capture your victory moments with your phone in one hand with the front camera switched on and the trophy in other hand or you can simply make ā€œVā€ sign with two of your fingers.

9. A Signature Selfie:-

A signature Selfie is the one in which you make signature in the air. The Selfie is clicked meanwhile. You can also pose with a pen in your hands.

10. A Double Role Selfie:-

A double role Selfie is generally taken in front of the mirror capturing you standing with your mirror image waving hands to say hello to her.


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