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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Cheetahs

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Cheetahs


Cheetah is a wild animal that belongs to the family of cats found in the parts of Iran and Africa. It has got paws with claws enough to kill its prey within no time and the speed is mainly the way it defends from its enemies. This animal is known for its speed, its terror and its skills and thus here we have bought some facts for you about it to enrich your knowledge.

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Cheetahs

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Cheetahs

1. Cheetah runs as faster as 112 km/h to 120 km/h and goes from 0-100km/h in approximately 3 seconds and this is the only reason that makes it counted amongst the fastest animals of the world. Cheetahs can accelerates four times as fast as normal humans.

2. Cheetah has low genetic variability, low sperm count and motility rate. Cheetah is believed to have migrated from Africa to Asia.

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3. The fur of a Cheetah is tanned with black round spots over the body and these spots may range from 20 to 30mm in size. These spots are on the entire body of a Cheetah, including its tail as well. The Cheetah cubs are born with the distinct fur as well as patches.

4. An adult Cheetah may weight about 21-70 kgs and may have a length about 1100mm-1500mm. The tail of a Cheetah may go approximately about 600-800mm. The Cheetahs may get taller as much as 660-940mm and males are normally larger than the females. The clubs of a Cheetah may weight from 150-200 grams after birth.

5. The king cheetahs are also associated with the tear marks that go from the area of their eyes and is streamlined till the rest of the body. The king cheetahs are bred in captivity.

6. Cheetahs use its tail as a rudder like type of steering that enables it to take sharp turns while running at high speeds. Cheetah makes a use of its speed while chasing a prey.

7. While chasing someone or running, the respiratory rate of a Cheetah goes from 60-150 breath per minute.

8. Reckless poaching and hunting of wild cheetah was practiced so as to get its fur. The governments of various nations have banned the hunting of this animal now.

9. The female Cheetah reaches maturity in 20-24 months while the males reach it after every year. A cheetah gets able to mate and produce off springs when it gets three years old, but the level of production of off springs production success still stays at a risk due to the low sperm count.

10. Cheetah decides its territory and marks it by urinating, such that the other such animals may get a clue that he is the owner of that area and stay away from him.


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