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Top 10 Funny Random Facts about Giraffes

Fun Facts about Giraffes


Giraffes are African animal that is known for its long neck and tongue. Giraffes are even toed mammals that can be known as the tallest animals in the world. The shape is somewhat like a camel and somewhat like a goat. The patches are somewhat like that of a leopard and the neck and legs are longer as compared to any of these animals. There are nine subspecies of this species and they generally live in grasslands and woodlands. Here we have bought some interesting facts for you about this animal that will surely leave you overwhelmed.

Top 10 Funny Random Facts about Giraffes - HowFlux

Top 10 Funny Random Facts about Giraffes

1. Giraffes are herbivores and generally depend on the leaves of plants for feeding themselves. They use their head as a weapon and the tongue as a body cleanser. Giraffes choose to feed on the jungle based tree leaves to satisfy their hunger and their long neck enables them to reach even the high tree tops.

2. The production of young ones takes place when a male giraffe dominates a female giraffe. The young ones are then raised up by the female only. The young ones of this animal are always in a danger of getting hunted by the wild hyenas and lions, wild dogs etc.

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3. A giraffe may get up to 15-50 feet tall and male giraffes are generally taller than the females. The body of a giraffe is comparatively short as compared to the neck and legs. The tongue of a giraffe may get up to 50cms long in size and is purplish black in color.

4. A giraffe may have an average weight about 1192 kgs in case of the males and 800kgs in case of the females. The maximum recorded weight for a male giraffe till yet is 1930kgs and for female giraffe it is 1180kgs.

5. All the types of giraffes have got a horn like formation on their head that is referred to as Ossicones. This part is fused with the skull of giraffe. When a giraffe is galloping, the tail of giraffe gets curled up.

6. In case of sandstorms and danger of ants that a giraffe may come in contact while eating leaves of a tree, The giraffe is able to close the nostrils to protect itself.

7. The skin of a giraffe is grayish in color and there is a unique pattern formed on its skin. The thick skin allows a giraffe to encounter the thorns and bushes easily without getting injured.

8. The high necked giraffes suffer a high rate of mortality that the short necked ones which have got a low mortality rate and that is why they live even longer than the long necked ones.

9. The heart of a giraffe weights more than 11 Kgs and measures about 60cms in size. The wall of the heart of a giraffe may get up to 7.5cms in thickness.

10. The eyes of a giraffe are large and bulging. The giraffe gets a vision of about 180 degree with these eyes and they can see in color. The senses of a giraffe are also sharp that enables to save itself from the predators.


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