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List of Top 10 Famous Dog Breeds in the World

Top 10 Dog Breeds in the World


Though every care has been taken by us in selecting top ten dogs for everybody, but it is not necessary that these dogs would include the names of dogs you consider to be top dog species. We have categorized these species on the basis of cunningness, strength and powers and then categorized to provide a list of dogs that can make you press your fingers under your jaws which is as follows:-

List of Top 10 Famous Dog Breeds in the World

List of Top 10 Famous Dog Breeds in the World

1. American Pit Bull Terrier :-

This one comes amongst the list of top dangerous dogs in the world. Especially known for its attacking skills, strength and abilities, the name is enough to create its fear in the minds of the intruders. This one has many stories related to children attacks, but still the name is enough to make its way in list of top dogs of the world. The dog is full of energy and even does not fears to bite when somebody annoys it.

2. Bull Mastiff :-

This one is a dog full of physical stamina and is used for the purpose of building protection. This dog loves its family, but hates the intruders and is known to knock them down within a couple of seconds. The dog has inbuilt qualities like courage, physical strength and power and thus has been included in our top ten dogs list.

3. Giant Schnauzer :-

This one has been intimating qualities and a powerful bite enough to make intruders fear its name. The dog barks very powerfully telling everybody telling that this is his territory and no one can dare to intrude it. People bring home this dog as a pup in order to train and use it has home protection means.

4. Boxer :-

This dog is lovely and is an awesome choice for those who wish to bring home a dog to play with their children. This dog is children friendly and is full of energy and affection. You will get full of adore for this dog seeing its affection for your kids.

5. Rottweiler :-

The Rottweiler is good as a pup as well as an adult if you have provided perfect training and medications to it. This one is a powerful breed known for its guarding capabilities; dangerous instinct and strengthful body that makes this dog an awesome choice for guarding purposes.

6. Great Dane :-

Great Dane is the dog with great qualities. This one is a Danish hound that is massive in size and comes along world’s tallest dogs. This dog can go about 120 centimeters in size and was breaded earlier for hunting purposes. Though this dog is dangerous for intruders, but a good trainer can get this dog familiar with you.

7. German Shepherd :-

This one is the commonly used pet for all families who seek to have a pet with guarding capabilities as well as have a strengthful body. This dog originated in Germany actually and that is the reason it got its name as German shepherd. This one is the choice of spying and detection squads also.

8. Stafford Shire Terrier :-

This one is power packed, aggressive dog but proves to be a million dollar choice for protection measures in a way that its nature is protective and it does not lets anybody intrude its territory. We are not saying it is bad for you; it is bad for the intruders.

9. Kuvasz :-

This one is a bit territorial species of dogs and is used for the purpose of guarding only. This one seeks to gain your affection, but will stand firm against everybody looking to harm you or trespass you property. If trained, this dog can be an awesome choice for you.

10. Chow Chow :-

This one is also a territorial type of species of dogs but is a big threat to strangers. Don’t go by the soft fury look of this dog, it is equipped with defending skills and will take no time to knock you down, this is why this dog is called as a threat to strangers and thus people like to make it to their pet.


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