Top 10 Developed Country List in the World

Top 10 Developed Country List in the World


In this article, we are up with top developed countries of the world. Though every care has been taken by us, not in preparing the list based on various fact and figures including the health facilities provided, poverty, population and literacy still every country in this list is the best in its services but still there was a need to categorize and we have categorized them as follows:-

Top 10 Developed Country List in the World

Top 10 Developed Country List in the World

1. Norway :-

Norway has been kept on the top of the list by as and almost everybody looking to choose amongst the top ten developed countries will keep it on the top of their list in a way that it does not lacks anything despite the population of 5 millions people and a parliamentary constitutional monarchy ruling over it. The country is low in poverty and high in education and employment. The country has got the largest reserve of petroleum, natural gas and minerals that made it emerge as a major exporter of oils to the other countries. Even the top developing countries take inspiration from it.

2. Australia :-

Despite being counted amongst world’s largest economies, Australia has got full on, full literacy rate and it is ruled by parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The country has got a flourishing flora and fauna and forests. The country supports high employment opportunities and has got 22.7 million people living in it.

3. Switzerland :-

Switzerland is known to be a good tourist spot as well as the country with high life expectancy. The gross national income of this country is 39,924 and it has got very low unemployment rates. The schooling and education rate is high and thus has taken the third place in our list.

4. Netherlands :-

Netherlands inhibits approximately 16.7 million people in it and is ruled by the constitutional monarchy and representative democracy. The country has got high rate of employment and it is known to be a stable economy imposing a very low amount of taxes on its people. It is a better tourist place and a better economy occupying 4th place in our list.

5. United States of America :-

Being counted amongst world’s largest democracies, U.S.A has fought civil war and has even participated in world war that made it counted amongst the most powerful countries of the world. It is a representative democracy and deals in the exports of goods. The people in U.S are called as gold diggers in a way that it has very high rate of salary and employment rates.

6. Germany :-

I remember the names like Nazis and Hitler hearing the name of Germany, the man who looked to rule the world. This one is the highest economy in European Union and approximately 82.2 people live in it. The head of the government is Angela Merkel and Germany has emerged as a producer of highly engineered products that made it come on number 6 in our list.

7. New Zealand :-

This one is a small but highly developed nation. It is basically the last discovered and populated island by humans and thus has got its importance. The sky view is really beautiful and it is an awesome place for tourists. New Zealand is ruled by the parliamentary constitutional monarchy and supports good education, health and employment facilities for all.

8. Canada :-

I will call it a country of economic advances. It is ruled by the constitutional monarchy and has a high literacy, employment, and health and schooling rate. The country is known for its flourishing flora, fauna and tourism. The free health care system adopted by Canada is the best thing I liked about it that made me places it on number 8. This country has imposed a very less amount of taxes on its inhabitants, which proves to be an excellent feature of any developed nation.

9. Ireland :-

This one has a small population of 4.595 million people, but that does not means it lacks anywhere in advancements. This one has got every type of advancements including economic freedom, political freedom and the freedom to express. The country has got a high literacy rate and a high rate of employment that made me put this country on number 9.

10. Sweden :-

Sweden is an environment, cautious country and a supporter of the ’go green” campaign. It is a European country and has got a population of about 9.3 million inhabitants. The poverty rate is low and equal and free health care provisions are available for all. The country has a very less rate of unemployment and is thus amongst the list of top developed nations.


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