Top 10 Amazing Fun Facts about Gorillas

10 Interesting Fun Facts about Gorillas


Gorilla refers to the slightly more evoluted monkeys that are ground dwelling and are herbivores generally in nature. These ones belong to the Central African wild and they are the largest living apes in the world. Gorillas are the closest relatives of humans and are equally understanding as the other monkeys. The female gorillas are found to love her child equally as all other female counterparts do and these often live in the wild keep on searching for the food and vegetation available if any.

Fun Facts about Gorillas

Top 10 Amazing Fun Facts about Gorillas - HowFlux

Top 10 Amazing Fun Facts about Gorillas

1. The DNA structure of gorillas is highly similar to the humans and hence these are used in various human based researches and medicinal treatments as well. This resemblance may reach from 95% to 99%, depending on certain conditions involved.

2. A gorilla lives for an age of approximately 35-40 years and a female gorilla gets able for mating after the very first 10-12 years of age to be completed. The ovulation cycle may occur even much before this age and when the females needs to attract the attention of a male, she will simply beat the ground or will purse her lips while making the eye contact. Fun Facts about Gorillas

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3. The wild male gorilla may weight from 130-180 kilogram in weight while the females may reach 65-110 kgs in weight as compared to the males. Fun Facts about Gorillas

4. The male gorilla may reach 5.5 to 5.9 feet in height while the female gorilla may reach about 5 feet in size. The weight of a gorilla may range from 230 kgs to 270 kgs depending on the situation in which the animal has been kept.

5. The arm span of a male gorilla may range from 7.5 to 8.0 feet while the females may have a bit smaller arm span than the males.

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6. Gorillas are found to build up nests so as to rest in them. These nests are build from tree leaves and branches and may get about 2 to 5 feet in diameter. Though these animals may choose to travel much as to find their food and may need to travel much far from their nests, but still choose to come back so as to rest out there in these nests build by them.

7. It has been found that the Asian gorillas have got a slightly darker tone than the American gorillas. Gorillas rather have been used in various films as a lead character as well.

8. Gorillas quench much of their thirst by the means of eating rather than drinking. Though they drink sometimes, but the most of the body fluids are obtained from the stuff that they eat.

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9. The group of gorillas is called a “Troop” This groups may have males or females and even the off springs in it but still will be called with a single name and that is” troop”. Fun Facts about Gorillas

10. Gorillas use Knuckle walking as a means of locomotion. They may even walk bipedally for short range of distances. Gorillas can very well recognize themselves in the mirror and are equally sensitive as like humans.


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