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How to Tolerate Ignorance from Someone

How to Tolerate Ignorance


Ignorance refers to the way of making someone ignored. We feel really devastated when someone ignores us. Sometimes we are ignored intentionally and sometimes even the person does not know that he or she was actually ignoring us. In every such case we should keep calm and tolerate ignorance as there is no other way left with us to know the reason why we were being ignored. By tolerating someone’s ignorance, we actually make him get defeated in his motive of making us feel ignored and in order to tolerate ignorance of someone, we can follow these simple and easy tips:-

How to Tolerate Ignorance from Someone

How to Tolerate Ignorance from Someone

1. Keep Calm and Meditate:-

Whenever I feel ignored by someone, I just close my eyes and start meditating. This gives me time to stay calm and relieve myself against all the irritation that the other person has caused me. This also gives me enough time to think what wrong had I done to that person. You can also apply this approach in your life to tolerate ignorance.

2. Let the Ignorer Feel Ignored:-

If someone is trying to make you feel ignored intentionally, you should try to make that person feel ignored instead. In order to do this, you will just need to pay no heed to that person. Such a person will have to expose his or her intentions himself in front of you when he or she won’t be able to tolerate being ignored by the person who was supposed to be ignored by them.

3. Try To Know the Reason Behind:-

When someone is ignoring you, you should think about a moment by going into the flashback of life. Think about the times when you used to be close to each other and about the wrong kind of deeds that you had made with that person. If you were wrong that time, you can ask for an apology now as it is never too late for anything.

4. Are you troubling someone:-

If you are troubling someone says a girl by proposing her endlessly, she is supposed to start ignoring you after a certain period of time. The best way to deal with such a time is to accept the ignorance and tolerate it by adopting changes in your personality. Instead, try to bring about the desired change that she needs in you and she will automatically stop ignoring you.

5. Did You Make a Mistake:-

If your parents or any relative/your wife or girlfriend is ignoring you, you must have made a mistake for sure. May be that you forgot your girlfriend/wife’s birthday and because of this reason she is ignoring you. May be that your parents had asked you to do something which you forgot or you made them feel embarrassed on some topic. In such cases, the best way to tolerate being ignored is to keep calm and realize your mistake. Such people stop ignoring you once you realize your mistake.

6. Is Someone Jealous of You:-

If you are sitting with some hot girl of the college and your girlfriend watches you flirting with her. Your girlfriend can start ignoring you getting jealous of your new company. In such a case you can tolerate ignorance by simply laughing at yourself. Just give your girlfriend some time to realize that you belong to her and no-one else. Everything will get fine soon and she would stop ignoring you.


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