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Tobacco and its Dreadful Effects on Health

Tobacco and effects on health


Everybody must have come across the awareness advertisements against tobacco. The advertisement, which portrays Mr. Mukesh Harane, a young lad of 28 years who lost life to cancer. Mukesh was addicted to khaini. Khaini is a type of tobacco. People across the world consume tobacco in a variety of forms like khaini, tamakhu, bidi, cigarettes etc. Tobacco hampers one’s health in a multitude of ways. It affects every system of the body from head to toe. Also, it causes all kinds of diseases like mild headache to dreadful cancer. The ill effects of tobacco are enlisted below-

Tobacco and its Dreadful Effects on Health

Tobacco and its Dreadful Effects on Health

1. Cardiovascular disorders:-

Tobacco makes one prone to cardiovascular diseases. It causes hypertension i.e. High blood pressure. Also, it causes predisposition to atherosclerosis i.e. hardening of blood vessels due to deposition of triglycerides in blood vessels. These atherosclerosed vessels ultimately become the cause of strokes. Cerebrovascular and cardiovascular strokes are well known. Aortic rupture can be fall out of this hardening. This is fatal and it is very difficult to save a patient who has suffered aortic rupture.

2. Respiratory diseases:-

Smoking tobacco in the form of bidi and cigarettes leads inhalation of poisonous smoke. It may lead to minor cough. In the longer term it may precipitate into COPD- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Pneumonia and emphysema are other respiratory diseases related to smoking tobacco. Even passive smoking as much dangerous and leads to similar diseases in passive smokers. Spouses and children of passive smokers often suffer the complications of passive smoking.

3. Cancers:-

Chronic use of tobacco in any form may lead to the development of cancer in individual. Chewing khaini leads to oral cancer. Recently, home minister of Maharashtra state died due to oral cancer. He was a habitual tobacco chewer. Smoking tobacco can lead to lung cancers. Cancers of kidney, liver and bladder are relatively less common.

4. Reproductive disorders:-

Tobacco use causes Oligospermia in males i.e. decreased sperm count. Moreover, it can also cause Erectile Dysfunction. In women during pregnancy, tobacco may affect the fetus. It may lead to Intra Uterine Growth Restriction. The baby so born may not survive and if at all survives has a higher chance of faulty brain development.

5. Others:-

Tobacco smoking can precipitate attacks among asthmatics. Also, it can lead to insomnia among the people who are physiologically dependent on tobacco. Long term use of tobacco leads to impairment of memory. It also decreases the overall immunity level and capacity of the body to fight infections.


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