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6 Tips Tricks and Ideas on Using the Microsoft Excel

6 Tips Tricks and Ideas on Using the Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet based software developed by Microsoft Company that is used within simply every version of windows these days so as to make formula based job executions as well as work with pivot tables, spreadsheets and calculations as well as graphic tools. This serves to be great software from Microsoft and thus people prefer it for most of the office usages. Here we are mentioning some tips and tricks based on the same software that will help you while using it in a smart way.

6 Tips Tricks and Ideas on Using the Microsoft Excel

Tips Tricks and Ideas on Using the Microsoft Excel

1. Usage of shortcut keys:-

Microsoft excel can be accessed the best with shortcut keys like “Control key” plus “p” for printing any page, “Control key” plus “X” for cutting any part of text after selecting it and then “Control key” plus “V” for pasting the same text elsewhere. You can use “Control key” plus arrow keys to select the desired portion of any text or formula and there may be several other shortcuts that may help you further to use Microsoft excel in a better way.

2. Learn up the formulas for easy calculations:-

Microsoft excel is all a combination of formulations that you may bring in use so as to make calculations be executed and calculated in an easy way. These formulas can be crammed making a list first of all so as to have better harmony with the application and to get the most out of it.

3. Learn Better Usage of Pivot Tables for Better Execution of Spreadsheets:-

Last but not the least, you may choose to learn up the usage of pivot tables as well as spreadsheets for the better execution of Microsoft excel documents. The pivot tables can make you capable to give the better presentation of data that you fetch with your document and thus are advised to be bought in use by you.

4. The simple calculations:-

it is better if simple calculations can be kept in mind. The simplest of calculations in mathematics are addition, multiplication, subtraction and division. Simply use “+” sign for addition, “-“sign for substation, “*” for multiplication and “/” for division. If you keep these simple signs in mind, the other formulas will be easy to remember.

5. The Option To Encrypt The Data:-

If you click the application icon at the topmost left side of the application screen, there a menu will get opened from which an option would read as “Prepare” which can be bought in use for encrypting the data with a password without which no one would be able to access the files created by you and thus the files prone to theft should be secured using this option.

6. Learn how to delete blank cells:-

Often there are many cells that are left blank and we wish we could get rid of them to save space from staying blank. Well, in such cases you may choose to filter out the blank cells and then delete them in a single click by going to “Data” then “Filter” and then after the downward button gets shown, simply de-select the select all option and make the desired changes.


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