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Tips to Keep your Eyes Healthy and Beautiful

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Eyes are the most important and vital body part as they are really vital and once lost, lose the vision as well. Though there are certain approaches like replacement of an eye with an artificial one or to get it donated from some other person, but still the new eyes cannot ever feel like the old ones and thus there is a great need to maintain the eye health and if you wish to achieve the same with yourself as well, the tips that we are mentioning here may prove to make you benefits.

Tips to Keep your Eyes Healthy and Beautiful

Tips to Keep your Eyes Healthy and Beautiful

1. Medicated Eye Drops:-

The first approach that can be bought in use so as to keep your eyes healthy is to make usage of the medicated eye drops. These eye drops can be purchased from any leading medical store and are rather equally effective as all the other approaches in increasing the eyesight.

2. Walk on the Grass with Dew Drops:-

People say that walking on the grass with dew drops early in the morning is really beneficial for increasing the eye sight and in Case you need to enhance your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy, you may choose to go for walking on the grass with dew drops daily in the morning.

3. Splash up Your Eyes Daily With Cold Water:-

The elders say that it is good to keep on splashing your eyes with water after a certain period of time regularly as it prevents your eyes from getting damaged. You are also advised to maintain a safe distance from the television and computer screen and you are also advised to use the U.V glasses while sitting in front of computer or laptop.

4. Wear An Eye Gear While Working At Hazardous Places:-

The job works like glass welding, iron and steel welding, working in very dark areas, etc. are associated with loss of eye sight and thus you are advised to go for an eye gear at such places. The protective eye gears are destined to save your eyesight at such hazardous places.

5. Have the Eye Exam Once Every Six Months:-

You are also advised to meet an eye specialist once every six months so as to get consulted and counseled about your eye health. This eye specialist will take an eye test and this will include you to read the alphabets written on a chart and eye examination. Both these approaches will give the doctor a clue if your eyesight is perfect or not and then the necessary approaches can be taken.

6. Eat Spinach and Other Healthy Stuff:-

Somebody has rightly said that a sound mind lives in a healthy body, but I will rather say that the healthy eyes live in a healthy body. You are advised to add food stuff, including green leafy vegetables like spinach etc. to your diet so as to maintain the eye health. Rest you are advised to keep your eyes safeguarded from every sort of damage and accident so as to take care of them and keep them healthy.


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