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4 Amazing Tips to Improve Skype Call Quality

How to Increase Skype Call Quality


Skype is a video/calling and chatting based application which provides video chat, voice call, and file sending and chatting options to its customers. Skype is available for a wide range of operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Android, Blackberry, Apple, windows Smartphone etc. Skype to Skype calls to other users are made free of charge while the calls made to landline and mobile phones are charged via a debit based user account system called Skype credit.

4 Amazing Tips to Improve Skype Call Quality

4 Amazing Tips to Improve Skype Call Quality

In some of the cases it has been seen that a Skype customer starts reporting problems with calling quality that this application offers and to such users, I would like to tell that it is not an application fault and you can easily increase Skype calling quality following these simple tips:-

1. Test the Speed of Your Internet Connection:-

First of all, test the speed of your internet connection. Now, run this application keeping your internet connection switched on and note down the results that it shows for three continuous tests on a piece of paper. Compare this speed with your actual subscribed plan and contact your network provider if there is some fault with the speed.

2. Clean Up Junk from Your Device:-

If there is no fault with the internet plan and you are using a router based connection, check your Wi-Fi connection and protect it with a password as someone else might be stealing your bandwidth if the connection is not password protected.

After accomplishing this step, clean the junk files and junk/unused applications from your system. Such programs keep on using the RAM and data of your system even if you have not run/opened them. When you clean/remove such applications/files from your system, the RAM and data that these stuff were using also gets free and thus the speed of your system as well as internet connection both get boosted. Also switch off the background data consumption from your device’s settings to enable data connection for only a particular application at a single time.

3. Set the Process Priority:-

Press “Control key”, “Alt key” and “Delete key” all the three at the same time. Once you click these keys, task manager gets opened and you can end all the processes going on except your Skype application. Highlight “Skype.exe” and right click with your mouse to click “Set Priority” option from the menu that appears on screen. Set the process priority for Skype.exe on your desktop to “Above Normal” or “High” and a significant increase in the speed of your Skype calls will be bought this way.

4. Update Your Skype Application:-

In some of the cases, the Skype application that you are using on your device is also outdated and in such cases you can easily update it with a working internet connection in order to bring about a desired increase in quality of calls made through Skype. If you are on a mobile/tablet based connection, switch to a 3G or 4G connection instead of 2G in order to achieve better internet speed and calling experience. If you are on a broadband plan, you can switch to a speedier plan in order to achieve additional benefits with the speed of internet and calls made through Skype.


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